Singapore Eats: Old Hen Coffee, Farrer Park

We are suddenly at the last few days of the year 2016. A lot of people saying that their 2016 sucks but for me, I feel that 2016 is a mixed year. There is some sadness which is resulted from Mom's freak fall and the demise of my beloved Macbook Pro (still no money to replace my love yet). However, travel story in 2016 is not bad at all from the trip earlier to Australia and then to Hong Kong and Bali. Love life? Hmm let's skip this topic altogether once again in 2016. Hahaha. Let's jump to our last cafe hopping adventure yesterday shall we?

Since 25th Dec fell on Sunday this year, yesterday has been declared as public holiday (which means no Monday blues, woots!). This means, I have extra day to do cafe-hopping with my cafe-hopping buddy, Ms Ohohoho (yes, she called herself that). I know that there are a lot of cafes in Farrer Park area but always feel too lazy to travel all the way there from where I stay (which actually not that far but still...). But since Ms Ohohoho was visiting a friend live around there, she asked me to hang out at one of the cafes around Farrer Park so here we are at Old Hen Coffee.

Singapore Eats: Old Hen Coffee, Farrer Park

Old Hen Coffee is not a very big cafe and hence, the cafe is pretty packed on that lazy Monday evening. It seems that a lot of cafe patrons came to Old Hen Coffee to grab themselves a bottle of Old Hen Coffee's homemade drinks. 

Chilled Homemade Drinks from Old Hen Coffee Farrer Park

There are three kind of bottled drinks being sold at Old Hen Coffee from Matcha Milk, Cold Brew Coffee and Varlhona Dark Cocoa. Since it's already 6PM, I do not have the guts to drink anything which comes with caffeine so yea, safest choice for me #weakling. The cocoa drink is more on the thick side so it can be pretty filling if you finish this whole bottle by yourself.  

Varlhona Dark Cocoa from Old Hen Coffee Farrer Park

Thankfully, Old Hen Coffee serves savoury dishes because I was getting pretty hungry by then. My dinner for the boxing day is chicken cheese burrito which turns out pretty good. There is a zesty taste to the burrito I wonder if they add lemon to it but all of them works well for my taste. Yummy!

Chicken Cheese Burrito from Old Hen Coffee

While cafe-hopping buddy, Ms Ohohoho decided to take something which looks healthier (because it involves smoked salmon which means omega 3 year). Old Hen Coffee's rendition of smoked salmon toast is marvellous because they put a dollop of apple slaw on top of the smoked salmon toast. I freaking love apple slaw up to the point I have doubt on the health factor of this dish (for your records, I love everything which is usually unhealthy. LOL)

Apple Slaw Smoked Salmon Toast from Old Hen Coffee

Old Hen Coffee is located at: 

88 Rangoon Road

Opening hours:

Monday, Wednesday to Friday: 12PM - 10PM
Saturday: 10AM - 6.30PM
Sunday: 10AM - 10PM
Closed on Tuesdays

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