Singapore Eats: Otto's Deli Fresh, Holland Village

Hello everyone! This week has passed pretty fast for me because well, I take a break from work for the whole of this week. Hooray! Since I still have many days of annual leave to clear by December, I decided to take a trip back to Jakarta to slack at home while visiting my family. Before I went for the trip, I met up with my bestie for one round before leaving her for a week (she keeps on moaning about it but oh well...). Since we did not feel like going all the way to the city to meet up, we decided to meet up at the latest addition to Holland Village area, Raffles Medical Centre. There are many restaurants situated inside Raffles Medical Centre and Otto's Deli Fresh is one of them.

Singapore Eats: Otto's Deli Fresh, Holland Village

Otto's Deli Fresh offers mainly Western food such as pasta, mains, side order and of course, desserts. 

Otto's Deli Fresh Menu Holland Village

Some of Otto's Deli Fresh's specialities. The waffles menu kinda piqued my interest seriously. I have such weak spot toward waffles. 

Food Menu from Otto's Deli Fresh Holland Village

The beverages menu. I did not order any coffee that day because I'm afraid of insomnia. My caffeine-intolerance has been increasing lately I wonder why. 

Drink Menu from Otto's Deli Fresh Holland Village

Anyway it's a good thing I did not order any coffee because we ordered so much food for two of us. For the starter, we ordered Hand Cut Fries with Salted Egg Yolk Cream (SGD 6). I had my doubt about salted egg yolk, afraid the taste is gonna be too rich when I dip my fries into the sauce...

Salted Egg Yolk Wedges from Otto's Deli Fresh

The first bite was however, not so bad and hence, my friend excitedly pour the whole sauce into the fries. Could you believe that her main reason of doing that is to get an Instagram worthy picture? Young generation nowadays. Hahaha. 

Potato Wedges with Salted Egg Yolk sauce

The next dish that we ordered is the Beef Stroganoff Fetuccine (SGD 17). If you don't know (like me), Beef Stroganoff is actually originated from Russia. I suppose it is a kind of beef stew since it consists of sautéed beef cooked for a good long period. While I usually go for the cream based pasta, Otto's Deli Fresh's rendition of beef stroganoff fetuccine is pretty delightful. The beef is tender while the pasta is cooked well without being too hard. The dish got two thumbs up from both of us. 

Beef Stroganoff Fettuccine from Otto's Deli Fresh

With so many waffles selection and a few minutes of decision-making, we decided to order Varlhona Chocolate Waffle (SGD 12.50). One of the push factor for both of us to order this waffle is because of the black pepper ice cream. I know the taste of black pepper on the chips like Kettle Chips or Pringles but I have never tasted black pepper ice cream before. Not sure if the combination between the tinge taste of pepper will go well with the sweet taste of chocolate but we were up for the dare that day. 

Varlhona chocolate waffle from Otto's Deli Fresh

To our surprise, the black pepper ice cream goes well with the varlhona chocolate waffle. We completely polished up the plate. Yummy to the max. 

Varlhona chocolate waffle with black pepper ice cream from Otto's Deli Fresh

Otto's Deli Fresh is situated at:

118 Holland Avenue, #02-01
Raffles Medical Centre @ Holland Village

Nearest MRT: Holland Village (Circle Line)

Opening hours:

Everyday 11AM - 10PM

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