Wishing you a blessed Christmas

Hello! Hope everyone having a wonderful Christmas! Did all of you have a great night celebrating Christmas Eve? No? Meh? Yeah?

If yes, then good for you and please cherish those people who are willing to spend this special night with you. If no, it's okay, it's only one night which is no different than other night especially if you are staying home (I often do this too when all my friends going holiday without me. Grr!). My Christmas eve celebration is pretty much low key this year because we do not want to splurge a lot of money as my buddy and I are going to Taiwan next year (something to look forward to in 2017, woots!).

Wishing you a blessed Christmas

So what did I do over few days leading to Christmas? Christmas gift hunting (which I hate the most not because I hate giving but it's hard to give something which please everyone). For example, the cookies that I buy end up too sweet (Famous Amos is trying to make its customer diabetic maybe), someone in office does not eat chocolate, etc etc. Tough decision to buy gift although I wish I can just buy everyone whatever they desire (but how am I gonna ship Gong Yoo to their house without being charged with criminal charges?). Maybe Pokemon is after all, an easier gift for everybody. LOL. 

Pikachu Christmas in Changi Airport

If you have time to visit Changi Airport (or probably if you have had already travelled earlier this month), you will see that the airport is decked in festive decoration this year too. The decorations are a bit different from the usual year because Changi Airport has become home for certain Pokemon like Snorlax and Pikachu. I hope they put a lot of Eeves inside too but the management thinks otherwise apparently.

Christmas village at Changi Airport Singapore

Say hello and Merry Christmas to Pikachu when you are there. This cutey Pikachu is located at departure area of Terminal 3 in Changi Airport (before immigration).

Pikachu says Merry Christmas from Changi Airport

And once again, wishing you a very blessed (and not lonely) Christmas everyone.

P.S. If you are lonely, don't listen to Christmas songs. Why don't you just play Coldplay like what I am doing now? LOL.

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