Singapore Eats: DW Workshop, Buona Vista

I wonder if I ate so much today up to the point until I am wide awake after 12.30AM. But if I recall correctly, the most likely stuff which I consume which contain caffeine is Starbucks' green tea latte. Which to some people, are not even considered coffee. I wonder if it's the soup, the latte, the Chinese New Year crackers, some bits of chocolates, the half portion of mango shaved ice, a pizza bread and lot of pieces of spicy cassava. Oh shit, did I eat so much? #gymtomorrow

Since I am wide awake now, I think I just go blog some stuff like the last cafehopping activity which I did back in December. That was kinda outdated I know, actually nearly one month outdated because I visited DW Workshop exactly on Christmas Day (that explains the Christmas tree decoration in front of the kitchen).

Singapore Eats: DW Workshop, Buona Vista

We visited DW Workshop straight after church service at the Star since DW Workshop is located at Rochester, which is only on stone away from the Star. It serves weekend brunches and sweet treat on Sunday. There were not many people lunching that day maybe because the cafe is pretty secluded.  

Weekend menu from DW Workshop Buona Vista

If you wanna take a peek at the weekend brunch menu...

Weekend brunch menu from DW Workshop

Once we have made our order, we took a look at our surroundings and noticed that there seems to be so many art pieces lying around all over the place. Those art pieces (e.g. The painting hanged on the wall, the art piece in the "8" shape, the stuff under the clear glass table are actually for sale. So if you are an art collector, you may want to take a look around this place. Who knows you can find what you have been looking for. 

Inside DW Workshop at Buona Vista

Other than art pieces, DW Workshop also sells those imported products like Yarra Valley teas (which I suppose come from Australia). You can grab (and purchase) them from the cashier. 

Yarra Valley Tea from DW Workshop at Buona Vista

While we were admiring our surrounding, our caffeine orders came and to our surprise, my chai latte and my cafehopping buddy's green tea latte don't look so pretty. Taste wise they are OK though.  

Chai Latte and Matcha Latte from DW Workshop

We ordered one sweet food and one savoury food to share among the two of us. The fuwa fuwa pancake taste so fluffy and yummy. I don't really recommend this food for one solo diner though. Seems a bit too much for a solo diner unless he/ she has sweettooth. 

Fuwa Fuwa Pancake from DW Workshop

For the savoury stuff, we ordered grilled pork bangers & potato rosti. It tastes awesome, I never know pork bangers and rosti go well together (apparently they do). With a touch of poached egg and cherry tomatoes, the whole lunch tasted even better. 

Grilled Pork Bangers and Potato Rosti from DW Workshop

One last pic of our Christmas lunch. Wishing more and more cafehopping stories wherever we go. 

Christmas meals at DW Workshop Buona Vista

DW Workshop is located at: 

41 Rochester Drive

Nearest MRT: Buona Vista

Opening hours:

Daily 9.30AM - 10.30PM

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