Singapore Eats: Rookery, Raffles Place

Monday is so cruel. If you think the two days of not working is enough to gear you up against Monday, oh boy, you may be in for a ride. Someone decided to ask so many questions for a task which is due today and obviously you have to battle the questions yourself but thanks God, He is an ever present help in trouble and before I knew it, the task is done nicely so that I could meet up with my friend to celebrate the end of Monday. Since none of us has the energy to walk so far from our office, we decided to have some tapas at Rookery, which is situated just opposite of Lau Pa Sat.
Singapore Eats: Rookery, Raffles Place

We were abstaining from alcohol because it is only Monday and we still have four more working days to go through. So we ended up ordering three tapas to share among the two of us. The first tapas is a must for tapas-buddy, the truffle fries. Rookery does not use shoestring fries for its truffle fries and it uses wedges instead. However, we can smell the truffle and taste it as well, it goes well with the grated cheese. 

Truffle fries from Rookery Raffles Place

The second tapas that we ordered is the fried chicken. The fried chicken looks pretty small in term of size but they are a lot in quantity. The yoghurt sauce makes this tapas a bit unique. I've never dipped fried stuff into yoghurt before but apparently, fried chicken works together with the souring yoghurt. New taste acquired in 2017. XD

Fried chicken with yoghurt sauce from Rookery Raffles Place

The last tapas is the most unique of them all because the waiter was hilariously say that the dish does not taste as bad as it looks. That was not a very encouraging comment I have to say. LOL. However, the black fried fish (hmm, most likely coated with squid ink) taste so awesome despite its unglamorous color. Wait, on second thought, I love black so I should not mind this appearance at all. 

Black Fried Fish from Rookery Raffles Place

Rookery is located at:

16 Raffles Quay, #01-02A Hong Leong Building
Raffles Place (opposite Lau Pa Sat)

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday - 8AM to 11PM
Saturday - 5PM to 11PM
Sunday - Closed

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