4D3N Poland Trip: Beautiful Buildings in Krakow

"We sat on a roof, named every star. Shared every bruise and showed every scar."

I am pretty sure Coldplay does not refer the lyric to a girl telling a guy that she loves being a couch potato and she just shared her dream of having a couch in the future house that she's going to live with her husband, and they can just binge watch Netflix or football together happily ever after. And the crazy girl happen to be me. I blame this whole thing on...oh my gawd, I was not even drunk, I can't blame this on anything. Maybe on the 3 episodes of Riverdale that I just binged (without a couch but with potato chips nonetheless and hence, I am living half my dream). Oh well, I stand by my dream and it does look fantastic in my mind. LOL.

Anyway, let's continue our journey in the lovely city of Krakow with the beautiful church building in the background of our journey ahead.

4D3N Poland Trip: Beautiful Buildings in Krakow

I don't know why but the bricks on the wall, the stones on the road and everything else look oh-so-beautiful in Europe? There is this feeling of old-city awesomeness which is exuding vibrantly from the landscape of European city including Krakow. Oh right, the guy in grey jacket and a cap captured by my Mom in this photo is our tour guide, Charles (or Cha Cha in short). 

Awesome brick wall at Krakow Poland

My Mom is a pretty good photographer but there are times whereby she can't help but taking other people together with me in the same picture. Oh well, we could not really ask the two gentlemen to move away to, could we? By the way, that's a very long beard that one of the gentleman is sporting, I wonder if he wash it like how we wash our hair. Okay, just my random train-of-thought. 

The Bridge to Vistula Riverbank at Krakow Poland

On the other side of the road (or bridge), there is another gate which looks like a castle gate completed with the side tower. This really feels like castle from those medieval movies that I've been watching. Hmm okay, actually I did not watch any medieval movies recently unless you can count Game of Thrones as having something influenced from medieval age. King's Landing anyone?

Bridge Tower at Krakow Poland

Ohh, stairs! I love posing at the stairs. Show me the stairs and I shall pose with them. #staircraze

Staircase to the bridge tower at Krakow Poland

After Mum got bored of taking picture of my #staircraze, we continued our walk and stumbled upon our next photo-taking object, a very beautiful building naturally decorated with autumn leaves. Oh my gawd, this is the second time in my life I see something like that (the first being at Durham, United Kingdom. Oh shoot, now I miss England.) 

Red Building at Krakow Poland

Of course I could not resist taking picture here. Hahaha. I should be grateful someone is there to endure my photo-taking craze. I suppose this building will look normal in other season beside fall. So if you want to see this fantastic building/ autumn leave combination, you have to visit Krakow in autumn, ok? 

A great day in Krakow Poland

I shall try not to be so vain. Until next time, peeps!

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