4D3N Poland Trip: Morning Walk along Vistula River, Krakow

"240 thousand miles from the moon, we've come a long way to belong here."

Good morning from Krakow, Poland. This trip was actually done way back in late 2014 but I only managed to recover the travel pictures and save it in my Ipad like right now in early 2017. Hahaha. Better late than never, I hope?

One fine morning in late 2014, we were passing by a beautiful river in Krakow, the first city that we visited in Poland. Our trip to Poland was actually part of our Eastern Eurotrip tour which started from Vienna and ended in Berlin.

4D3N Poland Trip: Arriving at Krakow

I have never really thought about visiting Poland before this Eastern Eurotrip but I did not regret visiting Poland at all. The city of Krakow is so eye-opening. From across the road, we could see the first spot that we were going to visit in this city of Krakow, the Wawel Royal Castle.

Backdrop of Wawel Royal Castle at Krakow Poland

Since the Wawel Royal Castle is located within the old town district which is not accessible by tour bus, the bus dropped us at a street at the outskirts of the castle. We had to walk for a while before we could reach the castle. 

A street in Krakow Poland

However, we did not mind the walk at all though since the weather is all cool and sunny. Not everyday I can experience this cool sunny weather in Singapore so I was not complaining at all about having to walk for a bit. My mother and aunt did not seem to mind the walk too since they did not have to climb any stairs...so far. #fingerscrossed

Outside the Wawel Royal castle complex at Krakow Poland

My outfit for the day. Since I still wear all those piece of clothes that I wore back in 2017, I could say that I am a pretty frugal girl who's good at recycling clothes. Or more like, no other choice apart from being frugal if I want to sustain this wanderlust habit. 

The path to the Vistula river view at Krakow Poland

Since we visited Krakow in late November, the trees were no longer green and in fact, most of them had no more leaves by then.The beauty of late autumn, peeps?

Autumn tree at Krakow Poland

After walking for 5-8 minutes, we reached the vantage point to enjoy the prettiest scenery of Vistula River, the largest and longest river in Poland. It runs through various different cities in Poland like Krakow, Warsawa, Plock, Tczew, etc. It is so nice that the city build a park and walking/ running path just beside the river. 

Vistula River at Krakow Poland

Another clearer view of the river and the surrounding. While you enjoy the beautiful view of Vistula River and its surrounding, you may want to look down for a while. 

Vistula River, biggest river in Krakow Poland

There is one particular interesting statue that you will noticed when you look down from the above exact spot. It's a statue of Wawel Dragon, a famous mythical dragon from Polish mythology who live in a cave at the foot of Wawel Hill. The dragon was actually a very bad dragon which likes to destroy houses and eat up the villagers' young daughters. Yikes, what a creepy dragon. Thankfully, this Polish mythology ended up in a happy ending as a brave cobbler managed to kill the dragon by feeding it lamb stuffed with sulphur. Once the dragon got thirsty, it filled itself with the water from the river and died from explosion. Hmm. Turns out you don't have to use any weapon at all to kill a dragon in this story. Nice witty history indeed. 

Statue of dragon near Vistula River at Krakow Poland

Don't you enjoy the journey in Krakow so far? I can't wait for more things to see in this city as this post is just the beginning of the journey. 

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