4D3N Poland Trip: Outside Wawel Royal Castle, Krakow

"Cold enough to chill my bones. It feels like I don't know you anymore."

We live in a tough cold world but actually I feel that everyone try to be warm at some points in their life before and yet, their warm effort ended up with a heartbreak and hence, the icy attitude. I do act cold sometimes to those that I feel I should not waste my warm effort anymore. I try to care but then they don't recriprocate/ give mean joke/ annoy me. So yeah. Whatever. 

Let's just escape from this madness of the world to a beautiful place, outside Wawel Royal Castle in Krakow.


Wawel Royal Castle at Krakow Poland

Wawel Royal Castle is situated on top of Wawel Hill, a jurassic limestone rock, which was formed about 150 million years ago. It is supposed that the Slav people lived on Wawel Hill from the 7th century. There is a miniature statue of how the royal castle complex look like on its earliest stage made from stone. 

Stone miniature of Wawel Royal Castle in Krakow Poland

The Polish royals on Wawel Hill go back to to early Romanesque stone building from mid 11th century, called the palatium. Back then, the prince's residence on the hill was expanded eastwards. Along with the Cathedral, it was called "the Upper Castle", while "the Lower Castle" was a settlement consisting of courtiers' and clergy's houses and churches other than the cathedral.

Close up look of Wawel Royal Castle in Krakow Poland

The Wawel Royal Castle is now surrounded by beautiful garden. There is a cafe/ souvenir store/ information kiosk located right outside the castle and they provide information in various different languages. 

Beautiful garden outside Wawel Royal Castle Krakow Poland

Beautiful flowers were still blooming even though the autumn season is nearly ending. 

Beautiful flowers outside Wawel Royal Castle in Krakow Poland

The "Upper Castle" where the Cathedral is located. There was a period in the history whereby the royal castle is converted into military building. Thankfully restoration works were performed to restore the royal castle to its original design, otherwise we would not be able to see the beautiful design and the origin of Wawel Royal Castle. 
Wawel Cathedral at Krakow Poland

Cute school kids are standing in line for a daytrip. This brings back memories but I don't think my day trips back then involving any visit to the castle since Indonesia does not really have any medieval castle. Hahaha.

School kids excursion at Wawel Cathedral Krakow Poland

Let's continue exploring the royal castle with the kids in the next post. ^^

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