Singapore Eats: Arteastiq, Mandarin Gallery

"Oh simple things, where have you gone?"

Have you ever been in the phase of life whereby you think you should know by then and yet you still don't know what you think you are supposed to know? Most of the time I don't know what I want to do in my life because society expects me to have a clear precise and detailed answer of what I want to do in my life while I like to keep it simple. In simplicity, I know that I want to enjoy my daily life so that I will not look back to that day and regret not enjoying the moment. Yeah, enjoy the moment is the best philosophy. And I'm sure everyone know what they enjoy the most. It can be cheap like lazing on the bed, playing some mobile games, reading books, texting friends, etc.

Or cafehopping of course. But this one does not come free. LOL.

And today for our cafehopping agenda, we are going to Arteastiq, a posh looking cafe located inside Mandarin Gallery, Somerset.

Singapore Eats: Arteastiq, Mandarin Gallery

Arteastiq divides their menu into Ladies Affair and Gentleman's Dinner. Not sure what the factors being considered before the division of the menu but I, being a lady, am pretty attracted to the menu listed under Gentleman's Dinner. I wonder if that makes me a very manly lady or just a greedy one. LOL.

Menu from Arteastiq at Mandarin Gallery

A tea set is also available but we did not feel like having one at that moment and instead, we decided to order ala-carte. One interesting thing about ordering any of the coffee selection at Arteastiq is that the coffee will be served on a pretty tray completed with sugar cubes and some small cookies. With the small golden spoon. Chai latte never looks so posh before. 

Hot chai latte from Arteastiq at Mandarin Gallery

Cafehopping buddy ordered mocha instead and you can see her drink is way darker because of the chocolate infusion in the mocha I guess. 

Hot chai latte and hot mocha from Arteastiq at Mandarin Gallery

The chicken cordon bleu is actually part of the Gentleman's Dinner menu but I kinda wonder if the guys will be full after eating the chicken because the chicken does not look that big. The chicken cordon bleu is served with the sweet potato fries instead of normal fries. Taste wise, it's not bad but not fantastic either. Oh well, maybe guys nowadays eat lesser? 

Chicken cordon bleu from Arteastiq at Mandarin Gallery

The salmon wellington which is part of the Ladies' Affair menu looks like puff from Polar but it is filled with grilled salmon instead of otah, curry chicken, sausage, and tuna. The salmon wellington is served with tartar sauce and a side of vegetables. I should have gone for pure grilled salmon the next time I see a variation with salmon offered on the menu. 

Salmon Wellington from Arteastiq at Mandarin Gallery

Despite the mediocre taste of the food, dining at Arteastiq is pretty good for the girls' talk (and guys' talk too since there are some guys chatting up with each other) atmosphere. I do realise that nowadays people take into account the atmosphere of the restaurant too, not only the taste of the food. 

Cafehopping adventure at Arteastiq Mandarin Gallery

Arteastiq is located at: 

333A Orchard Road, #04-14/15
Mandarin Gallery

Nearest MRT: Somerset

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday - 11AM to 11PM
Saturday and Sunday - 10AM to 11PM

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