Singapore Eats: Bakerzin, Vivo City

Good morning world! I just saw a news that makes me grin like small kid. Liverpool won the match against Tottenham 2-0 last night. This is despite my super low faith in them winning the match. Hahaha. And why is this so important? Because I can't stand someone teasing me that Man Utd is gonna be on top of Liverpool in the Premier League table (although it may happen since their points difference is so tiny). Oh well, we live for another week, my dear Liverpool! YNWA! Muahahahahah.

Okay, enough about football stuff (to be honest, I do not even have any means to watch the match. Sadz!). My BFF and I were thinking of eating "healthier" last Friday night simply because she wants to fit back into her old jeans while I just had too much things to eat for lunch (since the Boss' treating and all). But the idea of eating a big plate of salad at Toss & Turn was not really appealing to me for a Friday night so we changed our original venue to Bakerzin instead.

Singapore Eats: Bakerzin, Vivo City

I don't think we have so many Bakerzin outlets nowadays. In fact, I only know that Bakerzin has an outlet in Vivo City in Singapore. Not sure about other shopping malls. The restaurant is pretty bright and cozy and it was not too crowded for a Friday night. But it can be very very cold due to the super powerful air conditioning. 

Bakerzin outlet at Vivo City Harbourfront

I'm quite surprised that Bakerzin has also embraced the idea of special menu for Chinese New Year since they offer mainly Western dishes. Kudos for them for being creative. But we did not order any of this special dish though. 

Spring CNY festive menu from Bakerzin Vivo City

BFF's healthy eating plan continued so we ordered a plate of Pearl Barley Salad (SGD 12.50). This is the first time I see barley in my salad. So far, I have only seen them in my drink. Hahaha. The salad use tuna as its main protein and pesto dressing. It feels light as a whole and hence, I hope it is considered healthy. Not bad indeed from a perspective of non-salad eater. LOL. 

Tuna salad from Bakerzin Vivo City

However, despite our plan to eat healthier, both of us know there is no way that a plate of salad is enough for our tummy. So we ordered another dish to go with the salad, the Chicken Mayo Sandwich (SGD 11.90). The word "mayo" has deemed this dish to be not so healthy. But without the addition of mayo, I don't think the sandwich will taste as good as it is currently. The dilemma of eating clean and healthy. 

Chicken mayo sandwich from Bakerzin Vivo City

Bakerzin is currently having promotion for its latest cake addition, the Decadent Chocolate. It only costs SGD 4.50 which is like way cheaper than Bakerzin's usual price-tag for its cakes (around SGD 7+ on average). I love chocolate so there's nothing bad I can say about this chocolate cake which thankfully not so sweet. I suppose we really had a well-balanced diet just now at Bakerzin with a combination of salad, sandwich and a moist chocolate cake. 

Chocolate decadence cake from Bakerzin at Vivo City

Bakerzin is located at: 

1 Harbourfront Walk, #01-207
Vivo City

Opening hours: 

Daily 10AM - 10PM

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