Singapore Eats: Botanist, Outram Park

It's Saturday again! Woots! I can't believe that I have managed to endure throughout the whole week, especially when the work involves a various attempts of what I hate the most: VERBAL COMMUNICATION. Why can't all of us function via written communication like texting, chat or email? After all, we are in the millennials, no? (Fyi, the latest personality test that I took show that I'm 96% introvert. LOL)

The annoying part is, there is a pressure in the office which has the aim to turn introvert into an aggressive, active humanoid who love to talk with people. Freak! Okay, that's all about a short rant on slice of life.

Since it's weekend, it's about time to resume our cafehopping adventure. We are going to Botanist which is located in between of Outram Park and Tanjong Pagar (but I think it is slightly nearer to Outram Park MRT station). The entrance to Botanist is located somewhat hidden in an alley so you need to make a turn before you can see the entrance and the wall art leading to the entrance of the cafe.

Singapore Eats: Botanist, Outram Park

The cafe was quite packed at 3PM on a Saturday afternoon. Thankfully we did not have to wait for long to secure a table for 2.

Botanist at Outram Park Singapore

There are two dining areas, the al fresco area is more suitable for bigger groups (can share table too I suppose). The non al-fresco area which is located nearer to the kitchen and cashier is filled with table for two diners. The area is way smaller and can be a bit cramp but the biggest problem from sitting here is not the space, it's the smell that will linger at your clothes and hair after you sit here for too long. Hopefully you don't have any further appointment after this if you are sitting here. Hahaha. 

Inside Botanist at Outram Park Singapore

Right, let's go jump to the dine and drinks menu from Botanist. Botanist offers mostly brunch dishes like egg florentine, french toast, breakfast platter, etc but it also has some main dishes like fish, beef and burgers. 

Food menu from Botanist Outram Park

Drinks wise, Botanist offers coffee, tea and juices. Their coffee seems to be quite popular as we saw every other table definitely has at least one order of coffee. Unfortunately I do not dare to drink coffee after 3 or 4PM, unless I want to be an owl few hours later. The funny thing is my cafehopping buddy decided not to have any caffeine intake for the next few days because she's aging. LOL. What kind of reason is that but to be fair, her doctor did tell her not to consume coffee too much. XD

Drinks menu from Botanist at Outram Park

Since none of us had drink so let's just go straight to the food business, shall we? Cafehopping buddy is in the mood of having beef burger (SGD 20). The beef burger is served with a sunny side up, bacon, fries, pickles and charcoal buns. It kinda satisfies my craving for a burger but kinda too humongous for a girl's portion. Hahaha. 

Beef burger from Botanist at Outram Park

The breakfast platter (SGD 23) is equally humongous I can tell you. The platter consists of toast, grilled corn, bratwurst sausage, avocado, hash, thick cut streaky bacon, mushroom, tomato, greens and two sunny side ups. I'm quite sure I'm so not gonna eating this kind of breakfast for the next two weeks after this meal. LOL. Despite the fancy combination, I still prefer my usual fix of English breakfast though. I probably just miss that Heinz's beans. Hahaha. 

Big Breakfast from Botanist Outram Park

Botanist is located at: 

74 Neil Road

Opening hours:

Tuesday to Sunday 8AM - 6PM

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