Singapore Eats: L'etoile Cafe, Farrer Park

"All I know is that I'm lost wherever you go"

I know I like to think about random stuff in my mind because just a minute ago I was wondering what do you call the period after midnight and before early mornings? I was thinking of the wee hours but it does not seem to apply yet as you tend to feel like pee-ing around 3AM, 4AM or 5AM-ish. Apparently evening lasts until whatever time you're going to bed so since I am still awake now, I can still wish you good evening peeps!

Super random I know.

Anyway, it's officially Friday and despite the fact I have to attend some ugh-ish company's event, I should still be grateful that it's finally Friday. Woots! When the weekend is here, it's time for some cafehopping and rendezvous time with friends. Last Sunday, I finally had the chance to visit L'etoile Cafe with cafehopping buddy after 3x re-scheduling. Crazy world we live in, we can't even make time for fun stuff.

Singapore Eats: L'etoile, Farrer Park

L'etoile Cafe is located in Farrer Park area but you need to walk a bit of a distance from the MRT station. Owen Road, where the cafe is located is actually a nice stretch of street filled with a lot of cafes and neighbourhood stores (and even offices). L'etoile Cafe has both al-fresco and indoor seating but since it is pretty windy recently (yes, I do have a lot of hair-on-the-face moments lately), we chose to sit inside. 

L'etoile at Farrer Park Singapore

If you don't mind the wind, sitting outside seems to be quite chill and relaxing too. And there were not many people visiting L'etoile Cafe on a Saturday night surprisingly. 

Nice ambience of L'etoile at Farrer Park

Cafehopping buddy warned me that it is a sin not to order coffee while going for a cafehopping adventure. So I ordered the less strong version of coffee from L'etoile Cafe, the iced chai latte (SGD 5 or 6 ish). I always go for either green tea latte, chai tea latte or mocha everytime I have to order a fix of caffeine. In some days, I still end up with insomnia drinking these supposedly-weak-version-of-coffee though. 

Iced chai latte from L'etoile at Farrer Park

L'etoile Cafe was having 1-for-1 promotion for its main dishes last Saturday (hope they still have it this weekend) so we zoomed in our ordering attention to the main dishes only. After a careful deliberation, we decided to order grilled chicken, which come with steamed vegetables (the carrot pretty tough to bite), yummy potato wedges and the grilled chicken which I wish can be bigger. 

Grilled chicken from L'etoile Cafe at Farrer Park

The other dish that we order is pan-seared dory served under generous amount of tartar sauce. L'etoile Cafe's rendition of grilled fish is definitely better than Aston's grilled fish with herb. Under the fish, you will find the same potato wedges and steamed vegetables served as side dish for the above grilled chicken. Both dishes taste great and we polished our plate clean except for the hard carrots. Thankfully there is no teacher around who can force us to finish our carrots. 

Grilled dory from L'etoile Cafe at Farrer Park

There is a blessing in disguise when your main dishes are not big in size and portion. You will still be able to finish a dessert. Yum! Cafehopping buddy is a fan of rainbow cake despite her tomboy attitude. I don't really like rainbow cake due to heavy coloring that used to come up with that shade of colors. Since the rainbow cake at L'etoile Cafe is infused with a heavy layer of chocolate, I should call this rainbow chocolate cake instead. So so but bear in mind the review comes for a non-fan of rainbow cake. 

Rainbow chocolate cake from L'etoile Cafe at Farrer Park

L'etoile Cafe is located at: 

160 Owen Road

Nearest MRT: Farrer Park MRT (North East Line)

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday - 11AM to 11PM
Saturday and Sunday - 9AM tp 11PM

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