Singapore Eats: Lerk Thai, Chinatown Point

Don't you feel that you just want to chill out by doing nothing after a hard work in the office? If yes, you may want to listen to Coldplay's latest album A Head Full of Dreams because the songs inside are epic dope, especially the song titled Up & Up. I can listen to that song forever in loop. Hahahah. Okay, enough random rambling and let's go to the lunch time story for the day.

My Thursdate and I went to Chinatown earlier because we were getting bored with the food around our office area. Like usual, we did not really know what to eat and decided to walk around Chinatown Point to see if they is any place which catch our interest. Suddenly, Thursdate chirped that she wanted to eat Thai food and here we were, at Lerk Thai. Turns out we did not really have to wander for long from the exit of Chinatown MRT. 

Singapore Eats: Lerk Thai, Chinatown Point

I actually ordered a seafood phad thai but my order got mixed up and my seafood phad thai has changed into its sibling, soft-shelled crab phad thai. At least, they are pretty similar to each other. The thing is...a combination of fried stuff and phad thai is a recipe for sore-throat because it makes you feel heaty. 

Softshell crab phad thai at Lerk Thai Chinatown Point

To make matters better (or worse?), our favourite bubble tea stall, Woobbee is available at Chinatown Point. Who could resist the temptation especially you were making all the way here during lunch time (not that it's a difficult feat knowing our office just located one stop away). XD

Woobee at Chinatown Point Singapore

You will be given a buzzer after ordering because apparently Woobbee does not use numbering machine. Hahaha.

Woobbee at Chinatown Point Singapore

The taro milk tea made my day in the office at least, endurable. Yumz! I have messy table I know. 

Strawberry milk tea from Woobbee Chinatown Point

Lerk Thai is located at: 

Chinatown Point, 133 New Bridge Road

Opening hours: 

11AM to 10PM Daily

Woobbee is located at: 

Chinatown Point, 133 New Bridge Road

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday - 10.30AM to 8.30PM
Saturday, Sunday, PH - 10.30AM to 7.30PM

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