Singapore Eats: Olivia & Co, Suntec City

"Things are hard when things have got no meaning."

Ever since I joined employment line, I always feel so drained after a meeting. Probably it's because the meeting always involved a lot of post-meeting work loads. No wonder I always feel so freaking drained and hence, in the mood of looking for a consolation from food (oh gosh, I have a perverse relationship with food? Hahaha). Food is best when it's shared with a good buddy to chat and rant with though so when you still have friends, cherish them and bring them often to eat a good meal.

Singapore Eats: Olivia & Co, Suntec City

Our venue for the meal to day is this restaurant with the purple vintage vespa with side car. I has this secret desire (oh no, not a secret anymore now since I say it here. LOL.) to learn how to drive a vespa because it looks so fun to ride and vespa comes in many various funky color. This purple vintage vespa belongs to Olivia & Co, a restaurant located in Suntec City. The menu at Olivia & Co is divided into Chef's Special and...

Food menu from Olivia & Co, Suntec City

...the all day breakfast. There are more things to offer by Olivia & Co such as sandwiches and burgers. It seems that nowadays it is very easy to eat breakfast at any time during the day since a lot of restaurants now offer all day breakfast. 

All Day Breakfast Menu from Olivia & Co, Suntec City

Both my eating buddy and I ordered sandwiches. But our sandwiches comes in different shape. Hahaha. My eating buddy's order of The Cheeses looks like a sub which is served at Subway (on a glance) but it is served with thick-cut fries. It is a rendition of Philly cheese steak sandwich whereby steak meat are served as the filling in within bread and it is drenched in cheesy sauce. I'm a fan of Philly cheese steak sandwich especially when chili sauce is available as the condiment. Hahaha.

The Cheeses Sandwich from Olivia & Co, Suntec City

Thankfully we decided to share the food because my order came in an even weirder shape. It looks like a beef patty served within toast instead of the usual burger buns. The sandwich is also served together with thick-cut fries at the side. I prefer the rendition of Philly cheese steak sandwich that the beef patty sandwich. The beef patty is also slightly on the drier side. 

Beef Patty Sandwich from Olivia & Co, Suntec City

By the way, I was in the midst of checking out this funny minimalist comic strip by Alex Norris named Webcomic Name. The comic strip is so simple and yet so relevant on my daily life up to the point its hilariousity makes me grin to myself like crazy in public. Good comic to check out while you are waiting for your food. 

Olivia & Co is located at: 

3 Temasek Boulevard, Unit 481/ 483 Suntec City

Nearest MRT: Promenade/ Esplanade MRT 

Opening hours:

Daily 9AM - 9PM

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