Singapore Eats: Paddy Hills, South Buona Vista

"Cause you use your heart as a weapon and it hurts like heaven."

First of all, let me wish everyone a very Happy Valentine's Day no matter if you are attached or single because hey, love is always in the air no matter whether you love other people or you love yourself. After all, you will not be able to enjoy a life with someone if you are not even happy with yourself. And since I am happy enjoying good food, let me share with you a yummy finding (which may be a good place for you to celebrate a belated V-day date) at South Buona Vista, Paddy Hills.

Singapore Eats: Paddy Hills, South Buona Vista

I heard the waiting line to eat at Paddy Hills can be quite bad on peak dining hours but it was perfectly okay when we reached the place around 4PM on a Saturday. A snapshot of the wall mural right at Paddy Hills' wall before we went into the restaurant. 

Wall art of Paddy Hills South Buona Vista

Paddy Hills look pretty cozy and it totally gives out the cafe chillax atmosphere. Perfect place to date or have a fun chat with your friends on a weekend. 

Paddy Hills at South Buona Vista Singapore

Since it was still Chinese New Year celebration when I and cafehopping buddy visited the restaurant, Paddy Hills offers a limited Chinese New Year specials (which probably has ended now). We saw some interesting rendition of otherwise, a brunch/ breakfast item or Western dishes. 

Food menu from Paddy Hills at South Buona Vista

The drinks menu are more or less fixed (I mean there was not any CNY special drinks). So we followed another friend's recommendation to try out the coffee (she did say I will be considered committing a sin if I come to Paddy Hills without ordering any coffee).

Drinks menu from Paddy Hills at South Buona Vista

I know that I will not get the pretty latte art if I order a cold drink but I was in the mood to drink something which comes with ice cubes. So yeah, here is the iced mocha (SGD 6.50). The straw reminded me of coffee which I had in Melbourne, Australia. That city is really coffee heaven. 

Iced mocha from Paddy Hills at South Buona Vista

My cafehopping buddy prefers her drink hot, so her hot mocha (SGD 6.50) came with a very pretty latte art. No 3D latte art though. 

Hot mocha from Paddy Hills at South Buona Vista

Cafehopping buddy has actually just visited Paddy Hills like two weeks ago and back then, Paddy Hills has already serving its Chinese New Year specials. However, she has already missed the taste of one of the special menu, the Soft Shell Crab Croissant (SGD 25.80). This dish is so fun to play with and eat, of course. The croissant is infused with squid ink (and hence, the black color) while the crispy soft shell crab is served on top of the Mac & Cheese fillings. The garnish of green and cheese completes the whole dish. Taste-wise? Awesome-max. 

Soft shelled crab croissant from Paddy Hills

The other main dish that we ordered, Capellini (SGD 24.80) also came out looking photogenic. The food here seems to be created for Instagram moment. Hokkaido scallop, prawn and salmon roe served beautifully on a al-dente handmade pasta. Taste-wise, it is less heavy than the soft shell crab croissant definitely but ain't bad either. I still prefer the croissant though. 

Capellini from Paddy Hills at South Buona Vista

Paddy Hills also has cakes to offer at the counter however they don't look as pretty as their main dishes so we gave them a miss. We will definitely come back for the non Chinese New Year menu next time. 

Paddy Hills is located at:

38 South Buona Vista Road

How to get there: 

(1) Take MRT to Buona Vista MRT Station
(2) Make your way to the bus stop opposite The Metropolis (exit D of Circle Line of Buona Vista MRT Station)
(3) Board bus no. 22 which stops directly at the bus stop in front of Paddy Hills

Opening hours:

Monday to Friday - 10.30AM to 5PM, 6PM to 10PM
Saturday and Sunday - 9AM to 5PM, 6PM to 10PM

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