Singapore Eats: Pasta Date at Lenas, Bugis+

Lunch date goes on in the first day of February. I am definitely feeling great knowing that the harsh month of January is now over and done. Totally gonna chill and slack as much as I can this month although boss seems to have different idea of February compared to my plan. Hahaha.

Today, lunch buddy and I hanged out at our favourite stop along Downtown Line, Bugis. Instead of the usual Bugis Junction, we decided to explore the neighbouring shopping mall, Bugis+. If you are looking for a place to eat at Bugis+, you just need to explore two levels i.e. the ground level and L4. We looked for a place with no queue yet as we did not want to spend a lot of time queuing up so we ended up eating at Lenas.

Singapore Eats: Pasta Date at Lenas, Bugis+

Lenas seems to be another jack-of-all-trade kind of restaurant although it seems to specialize in Western food (well, steak, pizza and pasta do sound Westernish). Both of us wanted to try out the pasta because pizza seems to be too big for one person. The pasta served at Lenas looks pretty similar to Saizeriya's from the picture but let's see how well they are. I went for the grilled dory tomato based pasta. The grilled fish is okay, the pasta is okay, the tomato sauce is okay too. Generally, it is an okay dish I guess. 

Tomato based fish pasta from Lenas at Bugis+

My lunch buddy's meal looks pretty similar to mine except for the part that it uses chicken meat instead of fish. The tomato sauce taste exactly the same. I suppose we all know now that all tomato based pasta will use the same sauce. Similar concept should be applicable for the other based sauce like cream sauce, etc. 

Tomato based chicken pasta from Lenas at Bugis+

Since we still have some time (and tummy space) for dessert, we went for McDonald's at Bugis Junction to dig into depravity in the form of McFlurry. Hahaha. 

Strawberry cheesecake McFlurry from McDonalds

The strawberry Oreo taste not bad if you want to try different taste of McFlurry. It's indeed a beautiful mess inside the cup. Hahaha. 

Yummy strawberry cheesecake McFlurry from McDonalds

Lenas is located at: 

201 Victoria Street, 
#04-03 Bugis+

Opening hours:

Daily 10AM - 10PM

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