Singapore Eats: The Wine Company, Sentosa Boardwalk

It has been a pretty rough Thursday but yeah, I made it peeps! I have to resort to Gong Cha's caramel milk tea for a dose of happiness but other the unfortunate 1 kg weight gain (probably due to the Gong Cha drug plus Tai Cheong's egg tart), I'm glad I manage to go through Thursday. Thanks God indeed.

If you are looking for a place to chill tomorrow after work (yaassssss Friday is just around the corner), you may want to consider coming to the Wine Company at Sentosa Boardwalk. Especially if you can come out of office before 7PM.

Singapore Eats: The Wine Company, Sentosa Boardwalk

The easiest way to reach the Wine Company is by coming through Vivo City. You can make your way to the entrance/exit door from Vivo City to Sentosa Boardwalk between Brotzeit and Barrio by MexOut. If you want to sit inside, you have to make a reservation though. We did not make one last time and hence, we settled for an al fresco table. 

The Wine Company Menu

If sunset-watching is your favourite pastime, you should opt for an al-fresco table really. You will be able to enjoy this view right across your table. I do not have so many opportunities to catch sunset in Singapore (thanks 9-to-not-6 job!), so I really enjoy lazing around while waiting for the sun to set. The last time I have this opportunity is 2 months ago when I travelled to Bali. That lovely island. 

Sunset view at Sentosa Boardwalk Harbourfront

What to order when you are in the Wine Company? Of course, the wines. You can laugh at me and my dining buddy but initially we planned to make it a "clean" dinner. Like no-alcohol kind of clean. What a joke, right? Hahaha. Obviously both of us failed our own plan and ended up with a glass of Infusion (Anniston pomegranate & rose, Western cape) and Sparkling (Riebeek Cellars Sparkling Brut NV, Swartland). Each glass of 150ml wine costs SGD 9.90++.

Sparkling wine and moscato at the Wine Company

Since the atmosphere and the weather were quite cool and cozy that night, we decided to have our dinner here. We ordered three food from the menu. The first one is the salt & pepper squid (SGD 9.90) which is a kind of dish that cannot and should not go wrong at all since you just need to season the squid, batter them and fry them to wonderful crisp. Hahaha. 

Fried calamari from the Wine Company at Sentosa Boardwalk

The next bite that we ordered is a classic Singaporean dish, Crabmeat Chunks. The crabmeat soupy sauce has the taste of sweet and sour compared to the chili crab taste but nonetheless, it still goes well with the fried mantou (i.e. the two golden fried buns). This has been my favourite dish back then in my younger days whenever we came to Hard Rock cafe to listen to a live band. Omg, the day where my money crash and burn seems to be just yesterday. Hahaha. 

Chili crab mantou from the Wine Company at Sentosa Boardwalk

The last dish that we ordered is actually a kinda wake-up dish from the alcohol that we have been consuming because it has coffee taste. Yep, it is a coffee-rubbed spareribs (SGD 22.90). I personally find the coffee taste a bit too strong to my liking but my dining buddy find it to be okay. Hmm, I wonder if my tastebud does not really go well with caffeine. 

Coffee Pork Ribs from the Wine Company at Sentosa Boardwalk

The Wine Company is situated at: 

6 Sentosa Gateway
Sentosa Boardwalk

Opening times:

Monday - Thursday: 5PM - Midnight
Friday, Saturday, Eve of Public Holiday: 5PM - 2AM Sunday, Public Holiday: 5PM - 1AM 

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