4D3N Poland Trip: City Sightseeing in Krakow

"Oh thanks God, must have heard when I prayed cause now I always want to feel this way. 
Amazing day, yeah, today."

I feel that everyday is amazing when you travel to another country. Don't you feel the same? I still remembered the feeling when I wander through the maze of the old town in Krakow that one fine morning in November. It feels so awesome (despite the fact that a lot of who-I-suspect to be thieves eyeing us, the only Asian-looking people wandering around the old town that day).

4D3N Poland Trip: City Sightseeing in Krakow

Actually I wonder why it feels different when you are walking in modern Asian cities like Singapore or Hong Kong and in the European old town. For instance, it's the vibe given by the architecture of the buildings. Most old towns in Europe maintain its historical architecture of the buildings and houses whereby you will feel the modern city vibe in fairly more modern cities in Asia. The cobble pave way adds the historical vibe to the whole city-hopping mood. 

Old buildings in Krakow city centre, Poland

If you like cafehopping, there are many beautiful cafes in the old town of Krakow. Imagine sitting al-fresco with your beloved one while sipping a nice cup of hot coffee. 

Pretty cafe in Krakow, Poland

Pope John Paul II is a very popular figure in Krakow and many places are associated with him. It is no wonder as Karol Wojyla (who then on is known as Pope John Paul II) had lived in Krakow for four decades until his assumption of the papacy. This city is where he spent his formative years as a student and then as a young priest, a theologian, a philosopher, a playwright and a poet.


House of Pope John Paul II in Krakow, Poland

Few steps further from what claimed to be the home of Pope John Paul II, a boutique hotel and gourmet restaurant located in the prime spot of the old town of Krakow. The hotel looks vintage from outside but it is a luxurious hotel which receives a lot of great review at Tripadvisor. Our tour guide made a joke that ghost stories are usually quite rampant from this kind of hotel. Oops. 

Hotel Copernicus in Krakow, Poland

Few blocks further at Grodzka Street lies the Church of St Andrew, a historical Romanesque church built within 1079 and 1098. The church had also functioned as a defense fortress back then and it was the only church which was able to withstand the attack of the Mongols. One impressive church indeed. 

St Andrew's Church in Krakow, Poland

We had not time to go in the church that day so we were only able to take a closer look at the Church of St Andrew from the outside. The three greenish people which is kinda photobombing my otherwise perfect shot of the church are unfortunately from the same tour group as mine. They like to horde a good spot for selfie for a looooonnnngggggg time it's kinda annoying really. But, oh well. Some people are just annoying right? Hahaha.  

The church of St Andrew in Krakow, Poland

How the road sign looks like in the Old Town district of Krakow. What a random ending to my post this time I know. But even a road name amazed me in Poland. LOL. 

A road sign in Krakow, Poland

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