4D3N Poland Trip: Hello Warsaw

"Hey, what a beautiful mess this is. It's like picking up trash in dresses."

I have been so engrossed in Coldplay's songs lately (partly due their upcoming concert, woots!) but this Saturday morning I was kinda in the mood of hearing my other favourite singer, Jason Mraz. I did not really pay attention much to his lyric previously especially to the song called "A Beautiful Mess". I thought it was just a simple play of words to be honest with you but oh boy, turns out the whole song seems to have deeper meaning than a simple play of words. You should go listen to the song if you have not done so.

While a beautiful mess is playing in the background, let us move on to the next destination in our Poland trip, the city of Warsaw.

4D3N Poland Trip: Hello Warsaw

It took us nearly 4 hours by car from Krakow to Warsaw so it was already late afternoon when we reached the city. However, since the sky is perpetually grey when we were in Poland, the timing does not really make any difference I guess. 

Bus ride through Warsaw Poland

Our activity of the day started with a walk to the Wilanow Palace Museum. Buses are not allowed to park too near to the palace and hence, we had to continue our journey on foot. Not that I mind it at all, I love wandering around a town. Especially an old town. Near to the drop-off location, there is a nice church. I could not see the name of the church though, unfortunately. 

Church in the old town of Warsaw Poland

In order to reach Wilanow Palace compound, you have to walk through a park. The park looks so gloomy especially since it was already late autumn and the trees have no more leaves on them plus don't forget the grey sky. 

Old tree on the way to Wilanow Palace Warsaw

There's a statue of Mother Mary and a bouquet of beautiful red flower at the bottom of the statue. I suppose this is some kind of praying station but it's so pretty I could not resist not taking picture with it. 

The statue of St Mary in Warsaw Poland

A brief guidance on Wilanow Palace Museum in both Polish and English. I am not much of a reader so I usually just ignore or skim through the whole thing. Or to jump straight to the prohibition portion of what you are not supposed to do inside the museum. At least, I'm being a responsible visitor, eh? Hahaha. 

Entrance of Wilanow Palace Museum in Warsaw Poland

The map of the whole palace complex can be seen beside the guidance. The royal palace seems to be so huge from the map alone. 

Wilanow Palace Map in Warsaw Poland

After the entrance gate, you still have to walk further inside but the pathway is so beautiful you just feel like admiring your surrounding while walking toward the palace. 

Pathway to Wilanow Palace at Warsaw Poland

At the end of the road, you will see the beautiful and grandeous Wilanow Palace Museum. I totally don't know where to start. Well, probably from the designated entrance. I guess. 

Wilanow Palace Museum at Warsaw Poland

The wind got pretty erratic and cold at this area maybe because it's an open field. I hope I could get inside pretty soon while our tour guide is busy dealing with our ticketing administration. Brrrr~~~

In front of Wilanow Castle at Warsaw Poland

Ticket type and prices for your information: 

Wilanow Palace Museum Ticket Price

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