4D3N Poland Trip: Restauracja Tradycyja Polish & Italian Restaurant, Krakow

"You might be a big fish in a little pond. Doesn't mean you've won."

Sometimes it is very easy for us human to belittle other human being just because we can do something better than them. Believe me, this is especially easy when you have to deal with sorry to say, idiots. Yes, they do exist. But put the sudden burst of frustration aside, I do feel that I am in no way better than them. For instance, these idiots may be richer than me. Ouch. Reality sucks. Let me wallow in self despair over my bank account now.

If my bank account can roll its eyes, it probably keep rolling its eyes everytime I travel somewhere. Travelling does create a hole in bank account and it usually takes me few months of saving to recover from one long trip. But one cannot taste the yummy Polish dumpling and pasta if one does not travel all the way to Krakow. #excuse #selfjustification

4D3N Poland Trip: Restauracja Tradycyja Polish & Italian Restaurant, Krakow

I was actually clueless about any restaurant in Krakow if you ask me. I did not even google it up because I thought the point of signing up with a group tour is we did not have to think and plan so much about our itinerary. But group tour nowadays...in order to make the price competitive and attractive, these group tour operators love to exclude lunch provision from itinerary. Hence, we are always left to find for our own food. Thankfully our tour guide loves to recommend stuff based on his own experience. My mum and I trusted his suggestion and decided to try out lunching at Restauracja Tradycyja. 

Lunch at Polish restaurant in Krakow Poland

The restaurant looks pretty lovely like what I expect an Italian restaurant to look like. It is located near to the Main Market Square of Krakow. If I'm not wrong, it is located at the left side of the square. 

Posing pretty at Restauracja Tradycyja in Krakow

Tour guide said that the most famous food from this Polish Italian restaurant is the Polish dumpling. I have heard about this from my high school friend who's currently working in the US now and he did say "You must eat the dumpling. Must!". I was glad I had the chance to buy these dumplings (despite the humongous size) because they do taste SUPER YUMMY. Polish dumpling is filled with cheese and potato and while my mum feels a bit "too much" after eating a few pieces of dumplings, I love them because well, I'm a cheesy lover. Pardon the pun. 

Polish dumpling from Restauracja Tradycyja at Krakow

Still has not recovered from the excitement of making out with the cheesy dumpling, and hence the shaky hands, the carbonara pasta also taste amazing because of the amount of milk and cheese used in it. I WANT TO GET MARRIED TO POLISH CHEESE. #unleashed

Spaghetti carbonara from Restauracja Tradycyja at Krakow

With a full belly, we continued our exploration of the city. So filled with happiness and cheese. There is always a map at every old town in Europe but ironically I am not a really map person and most often, my walking tour is proven to be based on memory and hence, pretty random and erratic. Thankfully we did not walk ourselves into some dodgy alleys. 

Walking Tour of old town of Krakow Poland

Our random walk did lead to a dead-end though. In the form of a church.  A holy dead-end I guess? Oh my gawd, I have become what I eat. Cheesy. 

City centre of Krakow Poland

Taking another turn and led into another area which looks less crowded. Oh see, a statue. 

A statue in the old town of Krakow Poland

And finally reached the time limit given by our tour guide, time to gather back at Hard Rock Cafe after this last shot of the amazing old town of Krakow. 

The tower of a building at the old town of Krakow Poland

Gonna be back for the cheese...

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