4D3N Poland Trip: The Warsaw Old Town Part 2

"Even after all these years, we just now got the feeling that we're meeting for the first time."

Continuing on from my previous post whereby we start our journey to walk through the picturesque old town of Warsaw. Our wandering from one alley to another in the Old Town has led us to many awesome findings such as the cute souvenir shop named Polish Folk Art. The shop immediately picked our interest because of the cute decoration outside its door.

4D3N Poland Trip: The Warsaw Old Town Part 2

The blue kitchenwares are so pretty to look at. A lot of the tour participants were quite curious about this shop so we all went inside together to check the shop out. 

Polish Folk Art souvenir shop at Warsaw Old Town Poland

If you are a kitchenware collectors, you will love this shop. The shop has so many cute and unique design of kitchenwares from mugs. 

Cups and mugs at the Warsaw Old Town

I freaking love this design of the plates and bowls. Feels like buying them but then again, I won't really use them since I live alone in Singapore. 

Beautiful kitchenware at the Warsaw Old Town Poland

Since Christmas was just around the corner back then, there are a lot of Christmas trees decorations made from porcelain. Not sure if you want to hang these on your trees but they do make a good decoration on the table. 

Cute Christmas tree figurines at the Warsaw Old Town in Poland

Warsawa plates anyone? 

Plates at souvenir store at the Warsaw Old Town

My mum ended up buying a few fridge magnets to complete her collection and a few keychains while I bought nothing, as usual. Oh well, lets continue on with our wandering then to the shop which is just opposite the souvenir shop. The shop is called Cukrowa Sowa and it has display of big lollipops. Oh my gawd. 

Cukrowa Sosa Handmade Sweets at the Warsaw Old Town

Cukrowa Sowa is a candy shop and it sure makes the girls in the tour filled with excitement. The concept of the candy shop kinda reminded me of Sticky in Singapore. You could see how the candies were made inside the shop. 

Making handmade sweets at the Warsaw Old Town

Lots of flavour to choose from in the display.  

Handmade lollipops at Cukrowa Sowa in Warsaw Old Town

A happy me with the lollipops. 

Happy girl at the candy store in Warsaw Poland

Hmm, the pricing guide for the lollipops is kinda confusing because I did not understand Polish. Hahaha. 

The price of the sweets at Cukrowa Sowa

We ended up buying the Piggy lollipop for 7 Zlotis. Oink! 

Cute piggy lollipop from Cukrowa Sowa at the Warsaw Old Town

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