4D3N Poland Trip: Wedel Chocolate Cafe, Krakow

"Your sugar. Yes, please. Won't you come and put it down on me?"

Life can be so bitter sometimes up to the point that we need a little sweetness in it. Since we do not really have a lot of chance to enjoy these little sweet things in our mundane repetitive daily life, it's just right to enjoy them a lot while you are travelling. Let me take you to the one of the sweetest place in Krakow, the Wedel Chocolate Cafe.

4D3N Poland Trip: Wedel Chocolatery, Krakow

The chocolate cafe is located at the right side building of the Main Market Square in Krakow. You just need to find the word "Czekolady" which I suppose means chocolate in English. Our tour guide has visited this nice cafe before and he was the one who recommended us to chill and relax here when we got tired of walking around the Old Town of Krakow. 

Pijalnia Czekolady E. Wedel at Krakow Main Market Square

My eyes immediately went wild just like a kid in the chocolate factory upon entering Wedel Chocolate Cafe. 

Truffles at Wedel Chocolatery at Krakow Poland

Are these Chocolate liquor? Oh my gawd, if my own mother did not stop me from grabbing these goodies, I swear I would have bought a few back home (without thinking how to pack and carry all these stuff back home). Probably, I would end up drinking them immediately in my hotel room and expand in size. 

Chocolate Liquor from Wedel Chocolatery at Krakow Poland

Wedel has so many cute packaging which makes you wanna give chocolate to everybody that you know back home, your families, friends, colleagues, neighbours, friends' kids, etc etc etc. 

Cute chocolate cake and cookies from Wedel Chocolatery at Krakow

Chocolate on a stick. Since we visited Wedel around end of November, you could find some Christmassy design for some of the chocolates. 

Chocolate stick from Wedel Chocolatery at Krakow

These ones are even more amazing. But I don't think we can manage to bring these chocolates back home without crushing them, especially the one looks like Christmas ball which you usually hang on a tree. 

Chocolate snowman and Santa Claus from Wedel Chocolatery at Krakow

I did buy some of the easier-to-bring-back chocolate bars. The Zebrano tastes good! Mum took the Pistacje instead because she loves pistachio. Hopefully, our anyhow translation works accurately. Who knows Pistacje may mean other thing apart from Pistachio? 

Assorted chocolate bars from Wedel Chocolatery at Krakow

After getting excited for a good few minutes and finally made an order for those desserts that we wanted to try, it's time to act pretty and cute while you are dining inside a cute chocolate cafe. 

Inside Wedel Chocolatery at Krakow Poland

Thankfully we have so many people to share with. Otherwise, we may came out from the cafe in a chocolate-overdose condition because everything that we ordered has chocolate in it. First, let me take a sip of the hot chocolate drink. Slurppppp. I can vouch that hot chocolate is one of the drink in the world which cannot go wrong. Unless you hate chocolate and I can't help you with this condition. Hahaha. 

Hot chocolate from Wedel Chocolatery at Krakow Poland

The only guy in our table ordered the truffles because he has no confidence whatsoever in his ability to eat that many chocolates (and hence the decision to order the smallest items in the house). 

Truffles from Wedel Chocolatery at Krakow Poland

While the remaining 6 girls on the table went chocolate-frenzy and ordered three chocolate dessert. I can't remember the Polish names of the dessert but never mind, let me embrace my creative side to explain these desserts one by one. The first dessert came with a huge heart-shaped cookie and two pocky-look-alike chocolate stick. The gooey mess underneath them is a mixture of whipped cream, vanilla ice cream, strawberry sauce and of course, chocolate sauce. 

Chocolate parfait from Wedel Chocolatier at Krakow

Compared to the first dessert, the second dessert looks way simpler and hence, more elegant. The only chocolate bit inside this dessert is the squarish Wedel chocolate on top of the mousse. Yup, this one is a raspberry mousse. Sour and sweet and we love it. 

Mousse and chocolate from Wedel Chocolatier at Krakow Poland

The last dessert that we ordered seem to be another joyful gooey mess which is similar to the first one. It came with different set of biscuits and zero chocolate sauce. Which one is my most favourite? The first dessert of course. A beautiful mess. =P

Strawberry parfait from Wedel Chocolatier at Krakow

Wedel Chocolate Cafe (Piljania Czekolady E. Wedel) is located at: 

Rynek Glowny 46, 31 - 017 

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