4D3N Poland Trip: Wilanow Palace Museum, Warsaw Part 1

"A simple plot, but I know one day good things are coming our way."

As usual I started off my Monday with a ray of hope, a glimpse of peaceful life ahead. And as usual, this hope and dream turn into dust at the sight of pile of work. The work itself is actually not that bad. I don't really mind paperwork if you ask me but when the work comes with a part of dealing with people. Ugh, people. Human. And to make it worse, annoying and living human. You know it's not gonna be easy. But still, I know one day good things are coming our way....are coming our way.... 

4D3N Poland Trip: The Inside of Wilanow Palace Museum, Warsaw

Since real life is just so cumbersome, let's just go back to the past at Wilanow Palace in Warsaw. I had to say that sometimes writing a retrospective (omg, my lingo has been heavily influenced by my work) travel journal has become a kind of therapy to me. An escapade from the daily life (except weekends cause I freaking love weekends). While waiting for the tour guide to be ready to bring us in, let me introduce to you the entrance of walking tour to Wilanow Palace. 

Welcome to Wilanow Palace at Warsaw Poland

Totally cannot read the sign but it seems like the price guide for...hmm, admission? Event? Okay, I had zero idea in Polish language.

Guided tour of Wilanow Palace Museum at Warsaw

My first impression on Wilanow residence is that you can find all sort of things inside the palace. The diversity of the exhibits displayed inside the palace is due to its creator, King Jan III Sobieski. He and his following generations taste on the rich content has led to Wilanow residence this day, a monument to the great monarch's glory. Hmm, the website does say that Wilanow residence is also a monument to Jan Sobieski's outstanding personality. I wonder what's that implying, a positive or negative kind of outstanding. 

By the way, the tube-looking-object at the corner of this room has piqued my curiosity though. It is apparently a heater which was used back then. So you need to fill the tube-looking-object with coal and then burn them inside. Interesting but I wonder where will the smoke go?

Living room of Wilanow Palace at Warsaw Poland

The next room is filled with what seems to be cute little children but we all know that children can be both angels and monsters so let me just passing by this room quietly while the children are behaving nicely in front of their teacher. 

Student field trip at Wilanow Palace Museum Poland

I must admit this King JS (i.e. Jan Sobieski) really has a massive collection of statues. And I am not talking about small statues. The statue is damn huge up to the point I don't think I can fit this statue anywhere in my house. Not that I have a house in Singapore. Oh gosh, reality starts to creep in now. 

Statue of conqueror at Wilanow Palace Museum in Warsaw

If statue does not make you amaze, there's even a mural room whereby the ceiling is painted and sculpted. This must have been such a hard and laborious work back then since technology was not that advance yet. 

The painted ceiling of Wilanow Palace Museum Warsaw

Paintings are done on the wall too. Nice touch, King JS.

Painting hall at Wilanow Palace Museum Warsaw

Oohh, a hidden statue. I see you there. 

Statue of the thinker at Wilanow Palace Museum at Warsaw

An intricate and definitely expensive vase. In once again, a huge size. If you have a very big house with a spare room which receive sunlight, you may want to use the room as statue room or mural room like what King JS did here. Not a bad idea, eh? 

Ancient vase at Wilanow Palace Museum at Warsaw

By the way, we were only at the first half of the Wilanow residence tour but the pictures are a lot so I'll leave the next set of pictures for part II. 

Wilanow Palace Museum is located at: 

Stanislawa Kostki Potockiego 10/16
02-958 Warsawa, Poland

Opening hours - Winter season:

Wilanow Palace Museum Opening Hours Winter

Opening hours - Summer season:

Wilanow Palace Museum Opening Hours Summer Season

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