Singapore Eats: D'Good Cafe, Orchard

 "Down upon the canvas, working meal to meal. Waiting for a chance to pick your orange field. Up and up."

Long time to see! I am finally back from my yummy trip to Taiwan. Do you know there is a saying that no man needs a vacation so much as the man who just had one? There is a truth to that saying because I am immediately exposed to some corporate slavery upon my return to the post-holiday daily life. *sigh*

While I'm basking in the emo-ness of life (and listening to Up & Up which has been my dope song since its introduction to my ears), let's revisit the last cafehopping adventure which I did before the trip at the latest branch of D'Good Cafe in Takashimaya Orchard.

Singapore Eats: D'Good Cafe, Orchard

This is not the first time I visited D'Good Cafe as I have visited its main branch at Holland Village. However, it seems that there is a variation between the food served at the main branch at Holland Village and the branch at Takashimaya Orchard. After a few minutes of deliberation, my cafehopping buddy and I have finally made our decision. 

Food menu from D'Good Cafe at Orchard

After placing our order, we quickly checked out our surrounding and got lured by a phone booth which seems to be "imported" from England. Which other country has the classic red phone booth? I have not seen one for sure in Singapore.

Phone booth at D'Good Cafe Takashimaya Orchard

There is a red mail box just next to the phone booth where customers can pick up a postcard which I initially thought serve as a feedback form. 

Mail box at D'Good Cafe Takashimaya Orchard

The design of the postcard is somewhat quirky. I don't know why but I get the British vibe from the whole decoration. Hahaha. 

Prayer postcard at D'Good Cafe Orchard

The postcard turns out to be a prayer request form where customer can indicate which area in their life that needs blessings. The founder of D'Good Cafe is a believer and it's nice to see that he does not mind sharing prayer blessings concept in his restaurant. After all, you never know when someone may desperately need a prayer. 

Prayer request at D'Good Cafe Takashimaya Orchard

After playing around and taking a few pictures, our order of a set of English Breakfast has arrived. One thing that I really miss about English Breakfast is the red beans because I ate that nearly everyday during my undergraduate days in Newcastle. D'Good Cafe rendition of English Breakfast is pretty good as the whole meal ends up comfortably in our belly. 

English Breakfast at D'Good Cafe Takashimaya Orchard

The other dish that we ordered, the Scotch Egg is definitely a quite interesting to eat (and to take picture). The Scotch Egg is a hard boiled egg wrapped in sausage meat covered in bread crumbs and deep fried. It tastes pretty good actually especially if you are an egg lover. Eggciting! 

The Scotch Egg from D'Good Cafe Takashimaya Orchard

D'Good Cafe is located at: 

391 Orchard Road, #B1-56
Takashimaya S.C., Ngee Ann City

 Opening hours:

Daily 10AM - 10PM

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