Singapore Eats: Dapper Coffee Revisited, Telok Ayer

"And you can say what is or fight for it, close your mind or take a risk."

 Once I am back in Singapore and start hanging out with my cafehopping friend, I can't sleep so early on Saturday night because I am too full. Omg. Why did we eat like there's no tomorrow again? O_o.

I suppose since I cannot sleep with a very full tummy, I should just continue posting about the recent cafehopping adventure that I had with S before she got posted in Sydney for two years. Sadz me. S has been a lovely lunch buddy and I can only lunch with her again after 2 years have passed (that if S decides to go back Singapore in future). Oh well. I shall cherish our good lunch time at Dapper Coffee for sure, my beloved S. Hahaha.

Singapore Eats: Dapper Coffee, Telok Ayer

This was not the first time I visited Dapper Coffee though. I have visited this quaint hidden cafe at Amoy Street with my high school buddy and to be honest with you, this place is like a perfect hiding place to bitch. Until I found out that someone-from-the-past which I do not really like know about this place as well. =(

Inside Dapper Coffee at Amoy Street Telok Ayer

Dapper Coffee serves amazing coffee. It's nearly on par with those coffees that you have in Australia, if you have ever been there. If you are adventurous, you may want to try Dapper Coffee's own concoctions under "Coffee with Benefits" section. 

Coffee menu from Dapper Coffee at Telok Ayer

The lunch menu is not extensive but the options are pretty interesting though. Its genre seems to spread across countries from Korean to Middle East. Oh there's Spain too. 

Lunch menu from Dapper Coffee at Telok Ayer

Other than coffees, you can also find other interesting drinks like Unicorn Tears (some kind of colorful drinks) and other alcoholic beverages. Teas, juices and sodas are available too. 

Signature drinks menu from Dapper Coffee at Telok Ayer

Since I have walked so far to Dapper Coffee from my office which is located one MRT stop away + few minutes of walking, I decided to order one of their Coffee with Benefits, Salted Gula Melaka Caramel Latte (SGD 6). This is the first time I had my coffee served in a vintage Coke glass. Thankfully, there's no coke taste whatsoever in my coffee. It's not too sweet and not too bitter, just nice. 

Salted Gula Melaka Caramel Latte from Dapper Coffee

Right, here comes the food. S ordered Crab Mac & Cheese (SGD 16) despite her claim of not feeling that hungry. The Mac & Cheese is nice but it is not a dish that you can eat and eat without getting a bit too much. Eventually S could not finish the dish even after her glutton friend helped her a bit (I dunno why but I was pretty starving that day, maybe that how my emotion reacted to S' departure to Sydney). #excuse

Crab Mac & Cheese from Dapper Coffee at Telok Ayer

While S has chosen a safer lunch option, I went straight for the weird stuff named Beetroot Risotto (SGD 18) mainly because it will look cool on Insta. It surprisingly tasted not bad though despite my skepticism toward beetroot and alfalfa sprout. I can eat healthy too (if this is considered healthy, of course). Hahaha.  

Beetroot risotto from Dapper Coffee at Telok Ayer

Dapper Coffee is located at:

73 Amoy Street, Second Floor

 Opening hours: 

Monday to Friday - 8AM to 5PM

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