Singapore Eats: The House of Robert Timms, Marina Bay Link Mall

"Slip inside the eye of your mind, don't you know you might find a better place to play?"

While I have not really found out a better place to play at the moment, at least I have found a good place to have lunch which is located very near to where I am working. The used-to-be Smoothie King (that brings back memory as someone from my workplace used to be a super fan of Smoothie King despite my skepticism on its healthy claim) has now been replaced by House of Robert Timms, a cafe originated from Australia.

Singapore Eats: Robert Timms, Marina Bay Link Mall

Robert Timms has some grab-and-go options like sandwiches (which looks like Subway) and salad bowl. If you have sweet tooth, you can go for its desserts like cakes and oh-my-gawd, that's a pretty big size for macarons. 

Sandwich, salad and dessert from Robert Timms at MBLM

Cookie bags are also available too for nibbling during the mundane daily life slav...I mean sitting in the office. Hahaha. 

Cookie bags from Robert Timms at MBLM

The full food menu at the House of Robert Timms consist of savoury and sweet section. For the savoury options, you can have sandwiches, salads, all day breakfast, soup, pastas and wraps. On the sweet side, you can have cakes or pastries. However, if you want both world, you should definitely consider going for the lunch box which consist both savory and sweet items. 

Food menu from Robert Timms at MBLM

Drinks wise, similar to the other cafes in town, House of Robert Timms offers coffees, teas, chocolates, juices and soft drinks. If only the chai tea latte is not bordering on the high end. Sadz me. 

Beverage menu from Robert Timms at MBLM

Since I'm a greedy person, I went for the lunch box which has both savoury and sweet dishes. Since we had to wait for a while for the lunch box, I ordered a cup of Earl Grey Lavender (SGD 4.80) while my lunch date enjoyed her cup of latte (SGD 6.70). 

Earl grey lavender tea from Robert Timms at MBLM

Her comes the lunch box. There are 3 lunch box options offered by House of Robert Timms. However, personally I find the Spicy Tiger Prawn Spaghetti lunch box (SGD 17) to be the most interesting of them all (the other twos are roasted chicken leg and baked snapper fillet). 

Spicy tiger prawn spaghetti lunchbox from Robert Timms

The spicy tiger prawn spaghetti taste yummy because it is leaning more on the creamy version than something like aglio olio (al dente type?). It is not that spicy either so if you cannot really take spicy food, you may be able to endure and enjoy this pasta. 

Spicy tiger prawn spaghetti from Robert Timms at MBLM

The spaghetti lunch box has grilled chicken too which comes as a surprise for me because I only expect salad and probably one other side dish plus dessert in my lunch box. A tad oily but whatever cooked in a lot of oil is usually yummy so yea...#closeeyes

Grilled chicken from Robert Timms at MBLM

This white coconut-ish square object is called "Lamington". It is an Australian cake made from squares of sponge cakes coated in an outer layer of chocolate sauce and rolled in sprinkled coconut flakes. Mine has lemon jam in between the sponge cakes and the sweet and sour flavour of lemon and chocolate and sponge cake turn out to be pretty good. 

Lemon lamington from Robert Timms at MBLM

The House of Robert Timms is located at: 

8A Marina Boulevard #B2-11, 
Marina Bay Link Mall 

Nearest MRT: Downtown MRT

Opening hours: 

Daily 10AM to 10PM

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