Singapore Eats: Lunching at Starbucks, Harbourfront Centre

"Rain came pouring down when I was drowning. That's when I could finally breathe."

Actually, stratch that. I am still drowning this week and tomorrow is only Wednesday. Oh dear me. I wonder when I could finally breathe. Probably never in this kind of job I'm doing. When times are hard, it's time to hang out with your friends outside office so that you can listen to new perspective or even, venting about what's going on in your office since it's supposedly safer to vent to someone who's not working with you.

I had to go all the way to Harbourfront though because my lunch buddy today is working at Harbourfront Centre. Thanks goodness for the MRT seriously.

Singapore Eats: Lunching at Starbucks, Harbourfront Centre

Our main objective for lunch time is to get the one-for-one drink deal from Starbucks. However, since Starbucks is so gonna be crowded if we went there after our meal somewhere else, we decided to just had our lunch at Starbucks too. Yup, don't you know that Starbucks has ventured out to lunch menu? The lunch food selection is not much though at the Harbourfront Centre branch. In fact, I kinda think that the mushroom chicken wrap is the most interesting lunch dish this branch has. Taste-wise, they are not bad since the staff heated them up but they will be even better with some sauce I think. 

Wrap lunch at Starbucks Singapore

Of course, I had no complains about my Java Chip Frappucino since I am a frappe drinker. Normal coffee is too strong for me. And I don't plan to increase my tolerance level toward caffeine either. 

Java chip frappucino at Starbucks Singapore

Despite being a tough day, I received a nice surprise at home the same day. This is the first time I have received a birthday card sent by the church I had been attending for the past few years. Whoa, they must have checked the birthday date of their congregation (who become members I suppose) diligently. I appreciate the gesture, praise the Lord! 

Birthday card from the church

On the way home, I picked up Udders ice cream in a small tub. I did not know Udders has ventured out into convenience store. I usually go for the alcohol flavor but this time around, I was quite curious with the earl grey taste. 

Udders ice cream earl grey flavour

It does not taste as good as the alcohol flavour though. It's kinda too bitter for my liking since I am quite a sweettooth. I should have probably stuck to my first choice, Rum and Raisin. Lesson learnt. Hahaha. 

Earl grey ice cream from Udders

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