Singapore Eats: Platypus Kitchen, Bugis Junction

"I'm in love with the shape of you. We push and pull like a magnet do."

I am officially hooked on Ed Sheeran's latest song, Shape of You. Although in real life, there's noone that I fall in love with their bodies. Sad reality I am living, no? But seriously speaking, there's really noone with that fantastic body in my office despite having work for nearly 7 years (take a mental note to cherish hot colleague when chancing upon him). Ahem.

Okayyy, let's wake myself up from this daydreaming and go for lunch instead. It has been a while since I met my ex-colleague and we finally had time to eat together for lunch. Yay!

Singapore Eats: Platypus Kitchen, Bugis Junction

I have always heard about Platypus Kitchen at Bugis Junction but never had the chance to eat their executive set lunch. While the meal selection offered for the executive set lunch is not bad, but it seems to me that a lot of dishes has additional charges. Uhh. I suppose you get what you can afford? XD

Executive set lunch from Platypus Kitchen at Bugis Junction

Since my lunch buddy has not reached Platypus Kitchen yet, I had a lot of time to ponder over what I'm about to have for lunch. The funny thing is sometimes once your lunch buddy has reached, you become too engrossed in catching up the talk with him/her up to the point both of you realised that noone has put order yet. I decided to order Chili Crab Linguini. The chili crab sauce comes off a bit too sweet for me and I prefer it to be more spicy. Otherwise, the pasta is not bad, decent enough. I only I don't have to add SGD 3 to my set meal. #cheapskate

Chili crab linguini from Platypus Kitchen at Bugis Junction

Oh right, I forgot to say. Since that was an executive set lunch. Obviously the main comes with a selection of soup/ salad (I prefer pumpkin soup) and coffee/ tea (I chose earl grey lavender tea). After talking for so long until I realise I was about to get very late getting back to office, I found a nice surprise on my table. Aww. 

Beautiful flower bouquet

It always feels romantic to receive flower bouquet notwithstanding the fact the bouquet was given by my BFF who happened to be a girl. Hahaha. 

Birthday bouquet from best friend

Platypus Kitchen is located at: 

200 Victoria Street, Level 1
Bugis Junction

Opening hours: 

Sunday to Thursday 11.30AM to 10.30PM
Friday and Saturday 11.30AM to 11.30PM

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