Singapore Eats: Rosti Date at Marche, Suntec City

"If I was you, I'd wanna be me too."

My mother must have been a superhuman ability to eavesdrop to her daughter's conversation with her friend from miles away. Like different country separated by sea. So, today is Saturday and as usual, I was chatting with my BFF from A to Z. BFF had just taken her medical checkup and she was freaking out about...ahem, the number on the scale. So since this is a serious problem for both of us, obviously we included this topic in our weekly chat.

The thing is, this topic will be more appropriate to chat when we are eating salad or anything that show we are repenting from our "darker" lifestyle. But no, we were at Marche in Suntec City. Queuing for Swiss Rosti. 

Singapore Eats: Rosti Date at Marche, Suntec City

We did try to find out healthier alternative to eat in Marche but the healthier options don't look as appetizing as this Swiss Rosti. In fact, the rosti is the only interesting dining choice for us in Marche. The problem with ordering rosti cannot just go and order the rosti only (technically you can't but it won't be as interesting without the sausage you see). I suppose I can make the food less unhealthy by refraining myself from order the additional toppings like cheddar cheese and fried egg. 

Swiss rosti menu from Marche at Suntec City

Ultimately, this is how my dinner looks like. A nicely cooked rosti (SGD 7.90) with snail sausage (SGD 7.90) with a dollop of chili sauce and sour cream. I think Marche still has one of the nicest rosti in town. The other day I just tried rosti from Munch Saladsmith but the rosti was not cooked long enough (it was not brown enough like the rosti from Marche). 

Snail sausage rosti from Marche at Suntec City

However, the Swiss Rosti from Marche costs exorbitantly high after the ++. Total bill to pay for the rosti is around SGD 17. O_O. While saying bye bye to the dollars, we noted that Marche does sell other stuff beside food like merchandise and candies. So random.

Cute merchandise from Marche at Suntec City

Back to the office, someone put a nice little chocolate cupcake on my laptop. So sweet and yet not helping my waist cause. I'm too blessed to be malnourished. Hahaha. 

Chocolate cupcake for tea break

Marche is located at: 

3 Temasek Boulevard, #01-612/613/614
Suntec City (East Wing near Tower 3)

Opening hours:

Monday to Thursday 8AM - 10PM
Friday 8AM - 11PM
Saturday 10AM - 11PM
Sunday 10AM - 10PM

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