Singapore Eats: St Marc Cafe, Raffles City

"So, keep holding on. Cause you know we'll make it through. "

Good evening people! I had just came back from my supper after church meeting and oh boy, I am so full. Fully fed both spiritually and physically I suppose. During supper, my church friend was telling me that recently she feels that the Pastor's sermons seem to be better than the recent ones. The interesting thing is she's not the only one who told me that as someone sister from the office said the same. I suppose it's tough to be a pastor huh with the growing congregation who is thirsty for the words. It's probably the best time now to pray for the Pastor. After all, he is also human.

While we were queuing and talking, my eyes kept on distracted by the display of the parfait at St Marc Cafe at Raffles City though. #foreverhungrysheep

Singapore Eats: St Marc Cafe, Raffles City

I don't think I can spend the night sleeping if I drink coffee for supper so I opted for milk tea instead. St Marc Cafe serves pretty good milk tea. Yumz. 

Milk tea from St Marc Cafe at Raffles City

Other than its signature Chococro, the twisted croissant filled with chocolate, St Marc Cafe has ventured out into other food items such as toast. I wanted to try their Mac n Cheese Toast and it is really a toast filled with Mac n Cheese. XD

Lunch set of toast and tea from St Marc Cafe at Raffles City

Interesting concept and it tastes pretty good too. 

Mac n Cheese Toast from St Marc Cafe at Raffles City

We could not resist the temptation of the parfait though despite the milk tea and the toast so here comes the Chocolate Berry Parfait for our sharing-and-caring session. Sharing the calorie works in a way that none of us will over-eat and hence, gain weight by herself.  The parfait is seriously too big for one person to eat since it consists of many items such as the vanilla ice cream, strawberries, chocolate sauce, milk pudding, chocolate ice cream and a piece of chocolate biscuit. Sweetness overload but we do enjoy it. #sweettooth

Chocolate berry parfait from St Marc Cafe at Raffles City

St Marc Cafe is located at: 

252 North Bridge Road, 
Raffles City Level B1

Opening hours:

Daily 9AM to 10PM

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