Singapore Eats: Tonkichi, Shaw House

"When you call, my heart stops beating. When you're gone, it won't stop bleeding."

But at least when it is Friday, my heart is rejoicing (despite possible bleeding situation). TGIF peeps! This week has been quite torturous for me because people could not stop looking for me for work and yet, they disappear or give me crappy attitude when it's my turn to look for them. Human. So disappointing. Hmmph!

When life seems dark and the road seems winding, it's time to find comfort in the company of a good friend and yummy food on the table. I wonder if this is the reason why the weight scale does not move to the desirable direction. XD

Singapore Eats: Tonkichi, Shaw House

It has been a while since the last time I dined at Tonkichi at Shaw House so I was kinda excited to reunite with the yummy pork tonkatsu. The menu has already made me kinda drool. Unglamorous me. 

Tonkichi Shaw House Menu Singapore

My dinner buddy recommended to share the tonkatsu because the portion is pretty big. She also suggested to get the temaki sushi because they are yummy and quite worth the price. 

Menu of temaki sushi from Tonkichi at Shaw House

The funny thing is my dinner buddy has managed to order something which I could not see anywhere in the menu, the Potato Salad. She knows about the existence of this potato salad because her office is located in Orchard area and hence, this is one of her favourite lunch venues. 

Potato salad from Tonkichi at Shaw House Singapore

My lunch buddy has clearly ordered Hire (fillet) and Rosu (loins) Katsu but they gave us Hire Katsu instead. We were actually not going to be fussy but the waitress realised their mistake and immediately took it away before we even manage to grind the sesame for the sauce. Hahaha fast reaction toward mistake I suppose. 

Hire Katsu from Tonkichi at Shaw House Singapore

Our temaki orders are here too. My soft shell crab handroll somehow looks bigger compared to my buddy's unagi handroll. I super love the soft shell crab handroll although I'm probably biased against this favourite temaki of mine. Dinner buddy said the unagi handroll is also not bad. 

Unagi Temaki and Soft Shell Crab Temaki from Tonkichi at Shaw House

Finally the correct plate of Hire and Rosu Katsu has arrived on our table. The size of the katsu is really really big for one person so I suppose it is a good decision to share amongst the two of us. Dinner buddy has done a great job at preparing the sesame sauce while I lazily browsing through my IG. #uselessfriend 

Rose and hire katsu from Tonkichi at Shaw House Singapore

Dinner buddy did some shopping at Isetan because it was member sale last weekend. There are many things at Isetan which I think I'm gonna need when I have my own place but for now, since I am still staying at my rented room, let's just use the money for other priorities in life. Like fancy drinks at The Coffee Connoiseur after the shopping activity. #doomedbyfoodanddrink

Chilling out at The Coffee Connoisseur at Orchard

The Coffee Connoisseur (or famously known as TCC in Singapore) has so many fancy drinks from caffeine-based drinks like coffee/ tea/ chocolate to non-caffeine ones like fruit-based drinks. The cafe even serves some drinks mixed with liquor but I opted for the refreshing litchi raspberry smoothie while dinner buddy preferred fruit tea instead (which she claimed taste like sugary syrup). She should just stick to something similar to my smoothie although I will not vouch on the health level of Banana Chocolate Smoothie. LOL. 

Fruit tea and litchi raspberry smoothie from TCC

Tonkichi is located at: 

350 Orchard Road
Level 4 Isetan Scotts 
Shaw House

Opening hours: 

Daily 11AM to 10PM

The Coffee Connoisseur (TCC) is located at:

360 Orchard Road, 
#01-01 International Building

Opening hours: 24 Hours Daily

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