Singapore Eats: Tsujiri, Centrepoint

"I wish that we could sail our sad days away forever."

It's one day to weekend. Woots! Today was not an easy day for sure but my mood is sure high after a hot and steamy body jam class at the gym. The class is equipped with lights and disco balls but the air-conditioner does not work properly and hence, it really feels like we were in a hot and steamy club dancing the Thursday night away. After a hard day at the club, eh I mean gym, it's just right for us to celebrate Thursday night by having dessert at Tsujiri, a matcha speciality cafe at the Centrepoint.

Singapore Eats: Tsujiri, Centrepoint

Despite having speciality in matcha, Tsujiri also has other flavour-based desserts such as sesame and houjicha (i.e. Charcoal roasted green tea and hence the brown color). My matcha-drinking buddy and I are weak towards cakes and rolls so you can imagine what's gonna happen to both of us when we face this kind of cake display. 

Cake display at Tsujiri at Centrepoint

But first, let us start the night chat by putting order on the matcha drinks. Tsujiri offers both hot and cold matcha drinks and apparently there is a wide variety of matcha available from O-matcha (pure green tea), matcha latte, and ice blended matcha. There is also a combination of matcha drink and soft serve ice cream oh my gawd, imagine how good it tastes. Since I was still feeling the heat of the dance floor, I decided to go for the Omatcha Milk Ice Blended in medium size (SGD 5.80). 

Omatcha Milk Ice Blended from Tsujiri at Centrepoint

Matcha-drinking buddy prefers her drink to be hot so she had hot Omatcha cream latte in medium size (SGD 5.80). When other people cheers each other by drinking alcohol, we cheers each other by drinking this sweet green liquid. But, we don't care we love it. 

Omatcha Latte from Tsujiri at Centrepoint

Oh right, I have forgotten about the cake for a while but obviously we ain't gonna go without the cakes. Since our drinks are green, we wanted to eat something that has no green for our cake. So here is the sesame cream roll served with cream and red bean. Despite the cream, the roll cake taste light and not so sweet. We like it. 

Sesame roll cake at Tsujiri at Centrepoint

Tsujiri is located at: 

176 Orchard Road, Level 1
(Nearest MRT: Somerset)

Opening hours:

Daily 11AM to 10PM

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