Singapore Eats: YAYOI, Millenia Walk

"And anytime you feel the pain, hey Jude, refrain. 
Don't carry the world upon your shoulders."

Happy Saturday peeps! Uhm, what, is it already Sunday? Oh my gawd, what just happened to Saturday? Time flies so fast on weekend. Sobs.
Okay so last week was supposedly the week I planned to start my "cleaner" (and yet affordable) eating-regime. The plan is to cutting down on white rice, coffee and bubble tea without bursting my wallet out. Well, you know the supposedly clean-eating route usually comes with a very expensive price tag especially when your are working in CBD. A bowl of protein + greens usually costs at least SGD 10+ and it can even reach to higher SGD 15+. U_U.

But what gonna happen if your lunch buddy is a rice-lover (and she has no problem with that because she's not even fat in the first place). This is where you have to compromise a bit to the no-white-rice plan by opting for the healthier mixed grain. And you can now do that when you eat at Yayoi (or its sister restaurant Yayoiken). 

Singapore Eats: YAYOI, Millenia Walk

Yayoi specialises in "Teishoku" which means Japanese set meal. The set meal usually comes with soup, rice and pickles. The concept of Teishoku originated from the set meal served at Zen temples in Japan and it then spread into most Japanese restaurants and cafeterias in the modern days. This explains why every Teishoku in Yayoi came with this bowl of veggies (there's another one for pickles). 

Veggie side dish for chicken teriyaki teishoku at YAYOI

A bowl of rice (which you can choose whether you want to eat white or mixed grain rice). The rice served at Yayoi is free flow but I am not quite sure if that's limited to the white rice only. If you'd like to eat healthier, I personally do find the mixed grain rice to be quite good. 

Multi grain rice at Yayoi, Millenia Walk

The set meal which I took picture earlier belongs to my rice-loving lunch buddy and her Chicken Teriyaki Teishoku does look so yummy. Although it kinda confuses me why chicken teriyaki is served with mayonnaise which is usually served with chicken karage instead. But who am I to question this concept? Hahaha. 

Chicken Teriyaki Teishoku at Yayoi, Millenia Walk

Meanwhile, I chose the Saba Teishoku. I kinda regret ordering saba fish though because its smell lingers until the end of office hour. Thankfully there is no important meeting or discussion happening after the lunch. Next time, I should probably just stick to Salmon Teishoku instead. 

Saba Teishoku at Yayoi Millenia Walk

Oh right, if you don't know what kind of fish Saba is, it is actually mackerel. It's very popular fish served in both Japanese and Korean restaurants. However, I heard story about Saba being the popular choice of fish amongst the poor during the historical period in both countries though. Not sure how true is that story. Hahaha. 

Fried saba teishoku from Yayoi at Millenia Walk

Yayoi is located at: 

9 Raffles Boulevard #01-03/04/05
Millenia Walk 

Opening hours: 

Daily 11AM - 9.30PM

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