Singapore Eats: Yechun Tea House, Chinatown Point

"Where d'ya wanna go? How much you wanna risk?"

Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo. Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo. 

It's 5 days to my first Coldplay concert and I've been annoying every single soul that I know with lyrics from Coldplay's songs. Hahaha. Oh wait, Monday is soon over and it's gonna be...wait for it, 4 DAYS TO COLDPLAY CONCERT. AAAAAAAWWWW~ #crazyfangirl

Thankfully one of my lunch buddies is still willing to go lunching with me despite my crazy fangirling mode on Coldplay. She's quite funny today because she usually does not really like to each Chinese food #westernfoodlover but this time, anomaly happened. First, she proposed to meet up at Chinatown (what?) and second, she proposed to lunch at Chinese restaurant (double what?). 

Singapore Eats: Yechun Tea House, Chinatown Point

She did take a while to ponder on what to eat though. By the time she finally reached a decision, I was nearly falling asleep (ok, I admit I exaggerated a bit). We ordered a bowl of vegetables soup noodle to share and oh boy, it does look super healthy and...bland. As what I expect it to be, the vegetables soup noodle is really...bland. At least, we were forced to eat healthier in a way.  

Vegetable soup noodle from Yechun Tea House at Chinatown Point

But obviously we did not order the noodle only, we got two other dishes for ourselves, one is the glutinous rice dumpling. This is quite unique although it is basically just dumpling skin filled with glutinous rice and meat as fillings. Not bad though, at least it has taste. 

Glutinous rice dumpling from Yechun Tea House at Chinatown Point

And the next dish on our table is definitely the best for our tastebud because it involves fried stuff i.e. Fried Shanghai Buns which are filled with meat obviously. Yummy. 

Shanghai fried bun from Yechun Tea House at Chinatown Point

Not satisfied with the noodle, we continued our Chinese foodie day by making ourselves comfortable at one traditional dessert stall at basement level of Chinatown Point, Mei Heong Yuen Dessert. 

Mei Heung Yuan Dessert at Chinatown Point

I only find this dessert in Singapore so far and it is called Water Chestnut Sweet Soup. It's sweet and it tastes refreshing on a hot day (I ordered the cold soup). It does not feel too heavy either so yeah, all is well. Yum!

Tau Suan from Mei Heung Yuan Dessert at Chinatown Point

Yechun Tea House is located at

133 New Bridge Road
#01-44 Chinatown Point 

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