10D9N Taiwan Trip: Cheesy Egg Crepe and Pork Dumpling, Taipei

"The dreaming of escape will keep you up at night."

One of my favourite place to escape with empty stomach at night in Taipei is definitely Yong Kang Street. Whenever I was hungry after a day of studying in nearby Shida University, I walked around Yong Kang Street to enjoy the neighbourhood and filling my stomach with food. What a glutton lifestyle but I enjoy pigging out I suppose. Oink! XD

We had just finished our dinner at the restaurant few houses down the road, Yong Kang Beef Noodle, but we had joined another queue for food and this ain't just normal regular food. This corner food stall sells Taiwanese egg crepes (with different type of toppings and fillings). The queue for the egg crepes has always been long as far as I remember since four year ago when I visited Taipei for the first time.

10D9N Taiwan Trip: Cheesy Egg Crepe and Pork Dumpling, Taipei

While we were waiting for our turn to order, we carefully checked out the menu (which comes with English translation woohoo!). I've always gone with the combination of Cheese and Egg (NTD 40) i.e. No. 5. If you can't speak Mandarin and don't know how to order you just need to (a) point at the menu or (b) says "Wu Hao" if you want to order the same. Don't forget to say how many do you want to order afterwards. You can use your fingers to do that I suppose. Hahaha. 

Menu for Egg Crepes Stall at Yongkang Street in Taipei

The ladies behind the stall work like a very fast and efficient factory line. The work division is so clear and they are able to follow each other's pace. I wonder if they manage to get a break at all with forever-long-queue. Amazed!

Egg crepes at Yongkang Street in Taipei Taiwan

The end product: Cheese and Egg Taiwanese Crepes. Still my personal favourite since three years ago. Not gonna change for other flavour so soon I think. Hahaha. #notreceptivetochange

Cheese Egg Crepe from Yongkang Street at Taipei

You would have thought that we were gonna so stop eating after we stuffed ourselves with a bowl of beef noodle and egg crepes but oh boy, we continued our adventure that night to Shida Night Market. One cannot go to a night market without ordering food. But since we were kinda full, we were only lured by one particular stall named Hsu-Ji. 

Hsu Ji at Shida Night Market in Taipei

Hsu Ji is famous for the dumpling which kinda looks like xiao long bao. They are pork dumpling filled with broth and ginger. 

Making of pork dumpling at Hsu Ji in Shida Night Market

You can see how the dumpling is made from dough because the production line is visible to the customers. Looks so interesting to make and it tastes pretty good too. Although I am sure it will taste better if we eat them on an empty stomach. Hahaha. 

Hsu Ji Pork Dumpling at Shida Night Market in Taipei

How to go to Yong Kang Street:

(1) Take the Red Line or Orange Line to Dongmen Station. You will see Din Tai Fung at the start of Yong Kang Street if you walk straight from Exit 5

(2) Walk through Shida University from Shida Night Market direction (nearest MRT is Taipower Building Exit 3)

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