10D9N Taiwan Trip: Craftholic Cafe, SYS Memorial Hall

"I've been spending way too long checking my tongue in the mirror."

And worrying about what others may think about me but the time has finally come for me to stuck my tongue and say "No" to those people who do not really care and deserve my attention. Anyeong goodbye adios, annoying people! To be honest I did not even have to stick my tongue out because the exact person who annoyed me the most has reaped what he sow without me doing anything. It must be God avenging me. Hahaha thank you Lord! #feelsloved 

Since I am in such an upbeat mood, let me share with you one of the cute themed-cafes which I tried back in my trip to Taipei. If you are a lover of a plush toy/ huggable stuffed animal, you must have known the brand called Craftholic. My ex-colleague loves them so much up to the point she has so many of these dolls at her room. Beyond reasonable size of her bed, personally speaking. There's a themed-cafe specifically featuring Craftholic in Sun Yat Sen (SYS) Memorial Hall area of Taipei so we decided to pop while resting our tired legs.

10D9N Taiwan Trip: Craftholic Cafe, SYS Memorial Hall

Craftholic Cafe looks so vibrant and cozy at one glance. Since we did not make any reservation, we could only hang around here for one hour sharp but we did not mind at all because we had other place to visit that night. Every seats are decorated with Craftholic seat cushion and if you manage to secure the sofa seats, you will be seated next to a character from Craftholic. 

Craftholic Cafe at SYS Memorial Hall Taipei

Even though I know about Craftholic, I have totally zero idea that each character made by Craftholic has name. I usually refer to them as what they are for example, the bunny, the monkey, etc. Super not creative I know but that seems to be the easiest way to tell them apart. Since we had other place in mind to eat heavy dinner later on, we decided to skip the mains and checked out the character dessert menu instead. 

Cake menu from Craftholic Cafe at SYS Memorial Hall Taipei

For easy reference, you can take a peek at the cake display before making decision of which cake you want to order. The big cakes look the most exciting but the size is kinda too big for our purpose that day. We also did not want to gain so much calories from hanging out at Craftholic. LOL. 

Cake display from Craftholic Cafe at SYS Memorial Hall Taipei

After making our decision, we took the time to check out our surroundings. That's when we noticed there are so many cute stuff on display at Craftholic Cafe. Some of the merchandises are for sale near the cashier. Do check them out if you love Craftholic because I think there are many limited edition items which are only available in Taipei store. 

Plush toys from Craftholic Cafe at SYS Memorial Hall Taipei

If I recalled correctly, there is a minimum order of drink for each diner at Craftholic Cafe. Since that is the case, my travelling buddy ordered the only latte drink which should not make her lie awake at night, Matcha Latte. She also treated me a tiramisu cake in Sloth's shape (Sloth is supposedly the name of the bear) because that day was my birthday too. Yeay, thank you so much for the cake, my bae. <3

Tiramisu cake and matcha latte from Craftholic Cafe Taiwan

Bored with the usual milky stuff, I ordered a glass of fruit tea instead. I think it was cranberry something because all I could remember was the sweet and sour taste of the cranberries inside the fruit tea. The fruit tea came with bunny toy but I totally forgot where I misplaced him/ her. Haiz.

Fruit tea from Craftholic Cafe at SYS Memorial Hall Taiwan

Craftholic Cafe is located at: 

1F, No. 28 Lane 280
Guangfu South Road Daan District

Nearest MRT: SYS Memorial Hall

Opening hours: 

Daily 11AM - 10PM

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