10D9N Taiwan Trip: Diary of Taipei Ximending

"And you can say what is, or fight for it. 
Close your mind or take a risk."
Welcome to Ximending! The moment I've landed in Taipei, this is the first place on my to-visit list. Main reason is of course because our hotel is located in this vibrant and young area of Taipei. It has been three years since the last time I visit Ximending and oh wow, since when there is a very big H&M outlet here. Okay, before I got too excited and forget that I still have my luggage with me, let's make our way to Diary of Taipei Hotel. 

10D9N Taiwan Trip: Diary of Taipei Ximending

Like a lot of hotels in Ximending, Diary of Taipei shares lift with other tenants in the same building and hence the first thing that you have to find in order to reach the hotel lobby is the right elevator. My travelling companion was stunned for a moment because this is her first time experience of staying in Ximending's hotels and despite the dodgy entrance, the lobby at 5th floor is pretty decent and our twin bedroom at level 10 is pretty neat. While the bed size is not big but the room, the sheet, the toilet and everything else is clean and that what matters the most to me when I travel. 

Twin bedroom at Diary of Taipei Ximending

Small coffee table which we use to put all our stuff and shopping bag. Amenities are pretty basic but at least Diary of Taipei still gives us free toothbrush. Nowadays many hotels don't give toothbrushes anymore. There's kettle jug to boil your water too if you need some hot water to make coffee/ tea. 

Hotel amenities at Diary of Taipei Ximending

Hairdryer is available too so we girls can wash our hair everyday during our stay at Diary of Taipei. 

Sink and mirror at Diary of Taipei Ximending

Basic shower room. As long as it's clean and there's hot water available, I'm a happy guest. 

Shower room at Diary of Taipei Ximending

Map of Ximending is available at the lobby and I suggest you take one because it helps greatly when you want to explore this area. Free Wifi is also available in every level however, it was kinda patchy when we just went into our room. It works normally once we have made our complaint to the front desk though. One of the common complaints received when people staying in a hotel at Ximending is the tendency of the hotel surrounding to be noisy because after all there are many clubs/ karaoke places in Ximending. But as Diary of Taipei does not share premise with those noisy kind of tenants (they share with internet cafe and hair salon), we did not encounter any noise problem during our stay at all. Phew. 

Map of Ximending Taipei Taiwan

And the best thing about Diary of Taipei is their location. The elevator leading to the hotel is located just a few steps away from Exit 6 of Ximending MRT Station. Basically you can just make a dash to the hotel without getting soaked under the rain if the weather is bad  and you just need to trace H&M when you want to trace your way back to the hotel.

H&M at Ximending Taipei

Diary of Taipei Ximending's room rate:

 Double Bedroom SGD 115 - SGD 121
Twin Bedroom SGD 118 - SGD 124

   Diary of Taipei Ximending's address:

 5F No.90, Section 1, Zhonghua Road, Ximending, Taipei  

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