10D9N Taiwan Trip: Fengjia University, Taichung

"Oh angel sent from up above, you know you make my world light up."

It is finally the long weekend and the end of GST filing season. Oh my gawd, I think I'm so gonna cry of happiness. The road ahead is not really free from challenges and workloads but at least I am free from any compliance deadline, at least for the next two months. I   Oh-I Oh-I Oh-I got me feeling drunk and high so high so high~~~~

Continuing out journey in Taichung, we still have a few hours before it's time to explore Fengjia Night Market, so we started our wandering in the 3rd biggest city in Taiwan by visiting Fengjia University.

10D9N Taiwan Trip: Fengjia University, Taichung

Fengjia University seems to be the biggest university in Taichung and its location is super convenient as it is so near the night market district. I bet the students here eat at the night market every day. Well, at least that what I would do if I am studying here. 

Fengjia University Complex at Taichung Taiwan

Fengjia University is pretty big from the map, I suppose our exploration gonna take a while. Not that we mind though, since we have been doing nothing but eating during our trip in Taiwan so far. This was probably a great chance for our body to burn. 

The map of Fengjia University Complex

The main road of Fengjia University which connects the main entrance to the farthest building within the university complex. Not many people sighted although it's probably because we visited the university on Sunday. 

Fengjia University Main Road in Taichung Taiwan

We did not do anything much aside from walking until we reached the "more interesting" part of Fengjia University. That big building over there is the sports hall of the university. Not sure what is inside but since Shida University at Taipei has its own swimming pool and gym, the sports hall of Fengjia University probably has at least the same facilities for its students. 

Sport Hall at Fengjia University Taichung Taiwan

My travelling buddy and I were more attracted by the outdoor sport facilities like running tracks. Not that I am a fan of running but at least the dorky side of me would not let go of this chance to pose. I don't think I have the right starting pose though, I should have watched Megan Lai's movie, 10,000 Miles over and over again to get the right pose. Hahaha. 

Running track at Fengjia University in Taichung Taiwan

The next prop that piqued my curiousity is this pole which I think is used for obstacles run. Oh my gawd, running alone has been such a difficult challenge for me throughout elementary school to high school, I don't think I can go through life if I need to run and jump over this kind of obstacles. I can, however, play with it though. Happily somemore. Hahaha.

Playing around at the court of Fengjia University in Taichung Taiwan

The next prop that we stumbled upon literally make me wonder how these people has the willing to try out this kind of sport. Well, I suppose rock climbing is supposedly fun if you have the right props to climb the wall with. But with heavy body like mine, it gonna take a whole lot efforts to climb this wall. I suppose for now, this is all I'm gonna do when I see this kind of wall in my life. Hanging on. LOL. 

Rock climbing wall at Fengjia University at Taichung

After all those fun activities that we do over at the sporty section of Fengjia University, we continued our walk to the most corner part of the university complex, a lovely pond. Is this where all the university couples go for date? Hmm~~

Pond at Fengjia University in Taichung Taiwan

Hungry after all those walk and random weird activities, we ended up at McDonald's because we need to use their wifi connection to find our way back to Le Parker Hotel (our Changi Wifi modem is not stable when we use it at Taichung, not sure why). As usual, I try to order food menu which is not available in Singapore's McDonald's and this is what I got, McChicken with Cheese. XD

Cheese Chicken Burger from Taichung's McDonalds

Tried not to eat so much because we have our foodie adventure coming up at Fengjia Night Market soon. Woots!

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