10D9N Taiwan Trip Free and Easy Itinerary 2017

"Taking a rest in order to walk an even longer journey."
"休息 是為了走更長的 路"

10D9N Taiwan Trip Free and Easy Itinerary 2017

Ni hao! I had finally embarked on my first trip of 2017 and it is a trip back to the past to relive those fun days that I enjoy in Taiwan three years ago. This time around I had to utilise my carried-forward 5 days leaves from 2016 and what's better way to use it rather than using it to revisit Taiwan. My travelling buddy agreed to go with me and we decided to utilise two weekends to make the trip longer. So here is our itinerary for the 10D9N Taiwan trip:


- Reach Taipei 16.30PM (SQ)
- Check in Diary of Taipei in Ximending
- Explore Yongkang Street
- Explore Shida Night Market


- Explore Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall
- Visit Gudetama Chef restaurant at Zhongxiao Dunhua
- Explore Eslite at Zhongxiao Dunhua
- Visit Craftholic Cafe at Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall
- Explore Tonghua Night Market


- Check out from hotel
- Take MRT to Taipei Main Station 
- Board High Speed Rail (HSR) to Taichung 
- Reach Taichung at 12PM
- Check in Le Parker Hotel
- Explore Feng Jia University
- Explore Feng Jia Night Market


Taichung Purple Lavender Tour (www.rtaiwanr.com)

- Rainbow Military Dependents' Village
- Strawberry Field
- Lavender Cottage 
- Mushroom Farm
- Carton King
- Miyahara
- Feng Jia Night Market


 - Check out from hotel 
- Take cab to Taichung HSR Station
- Board HSR to Kaohsiung
- Reach Kaohsiung at 12PM
- Check in The Cloud Hotel
- Explore Sanduo Shopping District
- Explore Liu He Night Market
- Explore Hanshin Arena at Kaohsiung Arena Station

 DAY 6

- Explore Pier 2 Art Centre
- Explore Dream Mall 
- Explore Central Park
- Explore Rui Feng Night Market


- Check out from hotel
- Take cab to Zuoying HSR Station
- Board HSR back to Taipei
- Reach Taipei at 12PM
- Check in Diary of Taipei Ximending
- Lunch at Zhongshan 
- Explore Gongguan
- Explore Taipei City Hall
- Explore Wufenpu
- Explore Raohe Night Market


- Breakfast at Ximending
- Explore Jiufen
- Visit Rilakkuma Cafe at Zhongxiao Dunhua
- Meeting friend for steamboat and coffee


- Teppanyaki Lunch at Zhongshan
- Explore Tamsui
- Explore Yongkang Street

DAY 10

- Breakfast at Ximending
- Take MRT to Taoyuan International Airport
- Flight back to Singapore

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