10D9N Taiwan Trip: Gudetama Chef, Zhongxiao Dunhua Part 1

"Where'd all the good people go? We got heaps and heaps of what we sow."

It is so tiring to work with someone who does not seem to care to give his best in his work. To be honest I have reached the stage whereby I feel that he does not even care of how much pain he gives other people when he cannot carry his duty well. He could not even care about following a simple timeline. What I hate the most is by taking care of his irresponsibility, I had to work overtime. Sometimes I just want to act like an annoying egg called Gudetama. Meh. Hahaha.

Before my trip to Taiwan, I have heard about a themed-cafe revolving around this lazy and yet cute character named Gudetama in Taipei. A friend told me that a prior reservation is a must to avoid disappointment. You had to pay a deposit in order to make a reservation at Gudetama Chef but I thought it would be worth it at the end since we did not have to waste time in queuing.

10D9N Taiwan Trip: Gudetama Chef, Zhongxiao Dunhua Part 1

Gudetama Chef restaurant is located at the neighbourhood area of Zhongxiao Dunhua. The interesting thing about cafe concept in Taipei is that the cafe can be located right at the ground level of apartments. Yes, there are people living above Gudetama Chef. That must be so cool right. Imagine when people ask you "where do you stay?". "Oh, I stay above Gudetama." Not cool? Is it just me? 

Gudetama Chef at Zhongxiao Dunhua in Taipei Taiwan

Since we had to wait for a while so that the waitress could clear our table, we checked out the small souvenir store right in front of the restaurant. Gudetama looks so cute in chef attire. I'm quite tempted to buy that "LAZY" pillow, to be honest with you. 

Gudetama Chef Restaurant at Zhongxiao Dunhua in Taipei

There are also stationaries sold in the souvenir shop like those cute files featuring Gudetama in different design. In addition, there are kitchen utensils too. 

Gudetama Chef Stationery Store at Zhongxiao Dunhua Taipei

If you are interested in featuring Gudetama as your kitchen decoration, you know what to buy. 

Gudetama Chef Souvenir at Zhongxiao Dunhua Taipei

Don't forget to check the washroom every time you visit a themed cafe in Taiwan. The wall of the washroom is decorated in a very nice Gudetama way.

Gudetama Chef Wall Mural at Zhongxiao Dunhua Taipei

Cute small pictures of Gudetama saying Ya~, Lala~ and Huh. Feel like bringing them home. But I don't have anywhere to hang the pictures. Plus people will think I'm related to Gudetama somehow. 

Cute Gudetama Paintings at Gudetama Chef Zhongxiao Dunhua

Do you agree with Gudetama's way of life? All you need is egg. NO egg NO life. Humm...let's explore more about Gudetama when we have ordered the food. 

Gudetama Chef Zhongxiao Dunhua Taipei Taiwan

Gudetama Chef is located at: 

No.12, Lane 236 Section 1
Dunhua South Road
Daan District, Taipei

Opening hours:

Tuesday to Sunday 11AM - 10PM
Closed on Monday

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