10D9N Taiwan Trip: Gudetama Chef, Zhongxiao Dunhua Part 2

"It's Friday, I'm in love."

TGIF peeps! It was a light at the end of the tunnel when the clock hits 6PM after gruelling slaving throughout the sunny and rainy day. But after all those hard works, it is finally weekend again! Yeay! Feels like I'm alive again~~~

Continuing on from our visit to Gudetama Chef, my travel buddy and I were finally seated after waiting time of 10 minutes or so because the waitress needed to clear the table and everything. We did not mind the wait though because we were busy checking out the souvenir store and taking pictures. A lot of pictures of Gudetama Chef. Hahaha.

10D9N Taiwan Trip: Gudetama Chef, Zhongxiao Dunhua

Gudetama Chef is a lazy chef who has to use eggs in all his dishes. He speaks for the joyfulness of Egg World and he is heavily against 100% Egg Free world. Egg for the world! Since I love eating eggs, I probably would not mind this kind of way of life. LOL.

Menu from Gudetama Chef at Zhongxiao Dunhua Taipei

But let's flip and see what kind of food is served in Gudetama Chef. Like many other themed-restaurants in Taipei, Gudetama Chef specialised in fusion Western dishes and it offers a range of salad, pasta, and risotto. You need to order salad which have eggs if you want the salad to be decorated by Gudetama. Otherwise I don't know how Gudetama's gonna appear in the salad bowl. I don't think he wants to appear in something green. After all, this is one attitude egg. 

Salad pasta and risotto menu from Gudetama Chef at Zhongxiao Dunhua

The drinks served at Gudetama Chef are very good-looking. There is soda, pop rocks yogurt and colourful slush. A lot of diners ordered the slush because they want to keep the cute plastic bottle. 

Soda and slush menu from Gudetama Chef at Zhongxiao Dunhua

After we have placed our order, it is time to take a look at our surroundings. Did I see Gudetama hanging from the ceiling? The lazy eggs are basically everywhere in this dining room. Sleepy sleepy sleepy indeed. 

Gudetama Chef at Zhongxiao Dunhua Taipei

Gudetama also features himself everywhere on our table from the table mat, small plates, normal plates and pepper and salt containers. I spent quite a few minutes to take selfie with all these props. There's no way you are not gonna taking picture when you are at any themed restaurant in Taiwan. 

Gudetama Tablewares from Gudetama Chef at Zhongxiao Dunhua Taipei

The funny thing is, the first order to arrive on that particular Sunday is the dessert, the Blueberry Pancake (which is served with blueberry ice crea). Gudetama oozing out from the pancake but there's nothing raw about this pancake so you don't have to worry so much about whether it's cooked properly. The Blueberry Pancake tastes so good, I can feel every bit of blueberries inside the pancake. And it was not too sweet. Yummy.

Blueberry pancake from Gudetama Chef at Zhongxiao Dunhua Taipei

Gudetama Chef is located at: 

No. 12, Lane 236 Section 1
Dunhua South Road 
Daan District, Taipei

Opening hours:

Tuesday to Sunday 11AM - 10PM
Closed on Monday

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