10D9N Taiwan Trip: Gudetama Chef, Zhongxiao Dunhua Part 3

"Oh this could really be a good life."

 A good life for an ordinary girl always involve good food and good companionship. I suppose it is not that difficult to please a girl. And that's why my travel buddy and I were so happy when we visited Gudetama Chef at Zhongxiao Dunhua in Taipei. Last time we had seen Gudetama oozing out from our blueberry pancake. Now, we are going to see more laziness from other food. For instance, this is the chicken cutlet with curry yellow Gudetama rice. The yellow rice is the main item here because otherwise, it will be hard to feature the lazy egg in this dish. The curry is totally not spicy at all. It even tastes a tad sweet to be honest with you. But it was nice nonetheless.

10D9N Taiwan Trip: Gudetama Chef, Zhongxiao Dunhua Part 3

Oh right, by the way, every seat at Gudetama Chef is decorated with Gudetama's pillow. I got the Chef's special pillow on my seat. Remember to take picture with the cute pillow, ok? Super not important, I know. 

Gudetama Chef at Zhongxiao Dunhua Taipei

I nearly forgot about the fancy colourful drink. It came with a very funny straw where you could see Gudetama's butt. The drink tastes sweet like soda-kind-of-sweet and the color looks so nice now. However, once the three colors mix up, the drink will turn to a dark and gloom color, black. We were kinda wondering what on earth did we drink after all. We are still alive until now though so all is well. XD

Rainbow Slush from Gudetama Chef at Zhongxiao Dunhua Taipei

The last food that we ordered is Gudetama Kimchi Pizza. It is actually kinda gimmicky because the only way to insert Gudetama's concept on the pizza is by adding that round-shape cheese and pit Gudetama's face sticker on it. While the pizza taste good, it was so filling, we ended up with a very "round" tummy after dining here. 

Kimchi Gudetama Pizza from Gudetama Chef at Zhongxiao Dunhua Taipei

Apparently, the rounder and heavier tummy did not stop us from making a quick stop at a pancake shop named Taiko-Manzyuuu while we were wandering around at Zhongshan. 

Pancake Stall at Zhongshan in Taipei

If you are a fan of Mr Bean in Singapore, Taiko-Manzyuuu sells similar pancake but with so many various fillings from taro, red bean, chocolate, peanut, etc. 

Yummy pancakes at Zhongshan in Taipei Taiwan

Some ready-made pancakes are inside the display but we could not tell what kind of flavor are those. We chose Rum Cheese pancake at the end and we were pretty happy with our choice. :)

Hot pancakes in Zhongshan at Taipei Taiwan

Gudetama Chef is located at:

No. 12, Lane 236, Section 1
Dunhua South Road
Daan District

Opening hours:

Tuesday to Sunday 11AM - 10PM
Closed on Mondays

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