10D9N Taiwan Trip: Yummy Lu Rou Fan at Formosa Chang

"93 million miles from the sun, people get ready get ready."

I always wonder why weekend passes so fast. But I guess it's because weekend is so fun no matter who you are spending your weekend with. I can even have fun spending it with myself. Anti-social at its best. My weekend date and I were initially about to have fun at some kind of street party but it was so not happening up to the point we got lazy to even check it out. Geez. This experience kinda make us just want to save money and spend it somewhere else instead.

I wonder if I should just fly to Taipei for a weekend trip but then again the flight takes 5 hours one way from Singapore to Taipei and I suppose it's really not wise to do that without taking any annual leave. Meanwhile, let's just reminisce of my personal must-eat-food whenever I am back in Taipei, braised meat rice (lu rou fan) from Formosa Chang.

10D9N Taiwan Trip: Yummy Lu Rou Fan at Formosa Chang

Formosa Chang is a restaurant chain specializing in braised meat rice and the outlet usually has yellow sign with its mascot, the bearded man. My uncle and aunt brought me here for the first time during my first visit to Taipei 4 years ago and since then, I am hooked to this simple and yet, addicting food. It comes as a small bowl of rice (thankfully, because well rice makes you fat) and the braised meat is poured on the rice. 

Braised meat rice from Formosa Chang Taipei

Since the rice itself is so small in portion, Formosa Chang offers it in set meal (you can also have the option to order ala carte if you'd like to). My standard choice of set meal is the NTD 99 set which have clear radish soup, tofu with sweet sauce and the braised meat rice. The radish given inside the soup is generous, you will surely feel full from eating this soup alone. 

Radish soup from Formosa Chang at Taipei

I love the tofu too and the sweet sauce that comes with it. 

Tofu from Formosa Chang at Taipei

We were very very full after eating the above meal and decided to walk the calories off. We went to Taipei Main Station area because this station is still vibrant even after 9PM. I was curious about Line Friends Store at Breeze @ Taipei Main Station but it took us a while to find this Breeze. Turns out it's located near to the HSR/ TRA gate. 

Line Friends Store at Taipei Main Station

The Line Friends Store here is not as big as I thought but apparently there's a bigger one located at Taipei City Hall. But anyway since we were already here, I decided to just take a quick look at the store. 

Line Friends Store at Breeze Taipei Main Station

But unfortunately, I could not find anything that I wanted to buy from Line Friends Store @ Breeze. Oh well. Better luck next time. 

Line Friends Breeze Taipei Main Station

Formosa Chang has so many outlets in Taipei. But the easiest outlet to find is near to Wufenpu Clothing Street.

  Formosa Chang (Wufenpu outlet) is located at:

 No. 533 Yongji Road, Nangang District, Taipei

  Nearest MRT: Houshanpi MRT

  Opening hours:  Daily 10AM - 11PM    

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