4D3N Poland Trip: The Warsaw Old Town Part 3

"I refuse to look back thinking days were better just because they're younger days."

 Something funny just happened involving a texting conversation about an emoticon. Although to be honest if the conclusion is not in my favour, I need to hide from society (or at least from the texting counterpart) for maybe 3-6 months due to humiliation. Or maybe I should just do what I usually do, acting blur. My skill of acting blur is comparable with Emma Stone's role in La La Land because after all it is one of survival skills to work in Singapore. Hahaha.

Random intro aside, let's continue our walk in the old town of Warsaw where the terraced houses look monotonously brown.

4D3N Poland Trip: The Warsaw Old Town Part 3

I have totally no idea whether this is a building sign or a road sign. But it looks more like a building sign to me. 

Building sign in Warsaw Old Town Poland

I wonder if it's the sign for this yellow brownish church. Many churches in Poland retains its historical form as the Government ensures renovation and restoration are properly done to preserve history. A lot of renovation and restoration works required because after all, Poland has a turbulent and dark past and it was involved in so many wars and conflicts. 

Church of St Francis in Warsaw Poland

The most famous part of the Warsaw Old Town is gotta be the Old Town Marketplace. The colourful buildings are so nice to look at. These buildings were reconstructed between 1948 - 1953 to follow its design in the 17th century when it was mostly inhabited by rich merchant families. The marketplace is square in shape and apparently every side has its own name. The 

Old Town Market Place in Warsaw Poland

The north side (which I personally think is the best side because of that particular building in teal) is called Dekert's side. It is named after Jan Dekert,which houses the Warsaw Historical Museum. The entrance to the museum is in a building called "The Negro" after the traditional sign over the doorway.

Colourful building in the Old Town Market Place of Warsaw

In the middle of the square lies the Warsaw Mermaid, which has been the symbol of Poland since 1855. Looks like a fierce mermaid indeed especially if compared to the mermaid version shown in Korean drama. 

Statue in the middle of old town market place in Warsaw

The Old Town Marketplace has a lot of beautiful restaurant and cafes on all its sides. We spot one restaurant named Rynek Restauracja.

Beautiful cafes at Warsaw Old Town Market Place Poland

And there's another two lovely restaurants at the other sides. Both has super beautiful decoration in front.

Beautiful restaurants at Warsaw Old Town in Poland

I just could not help myself. Thankfully there was nobody outside the restaurant. Hahaha.

Welcome to Warsaw Old Town in Poland

I could not really tell which side these few buildings are located but they look so neat and picturesque. So here is one last shot of the Warsaw Old Town.

Terraced houses in Warsaw Old Town Poland

Until next time, Warsaw. :)

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