Singapore Eats: Marutama Ramen, the Central

"All I need is the air I breathe and the place to rest my head."

Life is so tough when those people who suppose to help you are being useless and create more things for you to do. It's like they are not doing what they are supposed to do if you get what I mean. Oh well, there are always challenges in life no matter what so we just have to flow (and stay afloat) in this river of life. Anyway, my friend LV (not Louis Vuitton unfortunately) has just came back from her Japan trip. Even though I am so jealous of her trip I have decided to let it go because she came back with so many Japanese snacks and I'm such a sucker for Japanese snacks.

The funny thing is LV has not moved on from her Japanese trip and asked me if I am ok with eating ramen. So that's how we came about to Marutama Ramen at the Central.

Singapore Eats: Marutama Ramen, the Central

It has already been years (I think?) since the last time I visited Marutama Ramen and to my surprise, there is no queue at all in front of the restaurant. But to be fair, it was already 2.30PM on a Sunday afternoon when we came to Marutama Ramen. We seem to always have late lunch on Sunday. I only remembered Marutama Ramen is famous for its chicken broth ramen but anyway, since they don't have any other broth flavor I guess it's a matter of what toppings you choose to go with your ramen. 

Menu of Marutama Ramen at the Central

After flipping the menu, the best choice seems to be its no. 1 dish, Zenbu Nose Ramen (which is advertised as the full Marutama experience). Zenbu Nose Ramen claims to have all special toppings in one ramen and to be honest with you, the picture of the ramen seems to show that this is the case. The ramen has three slices of pork, pork belly, egg, seaweed and a lot of spring onions. The portion given for SGD 19++ is too much for me to finish it so there is a lot of leftover noodle in my bowl (sorry, noodles). 

Zenbu Nose Ramen from Marutama Ramen at the Central

Not helping our filled tummy, we still ordered a plate of 6 pieces of Yaki Gyoza (SGD 6++) to share between the two of us. Lesson learned: don't be greedy. Hahaha. My lunch buddy tried to cheat me by insisting that there are only 5 gyoza and she nearly forced me to eat the last half piece of gyoza. Thankfully I refused her outright because I AM SO FULL (and she just lost 3kg in Japan, crazy woman).

Fried gyoza from Marutama Ramen at the Central

Marutama Ramen is located at: 

6 Eu Tong Sen Street #03-90/91
 The Central

Nearest MRT: Clarke Quay

Opening hours:

Daily 11.30AM - 10PM

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