10D9N Taiwan Trip: Carton King Creativity Park, Taichung Part 2

"Everybody's changing and I don't feel the same."

 It has been a while since the last time I listen to Keane. I fell in love with this English pop-rock band in my last year of undergraduate study in Newcastle and it is a pity they are not making songs anymore. Their songs kinda make me wanna travel back to the UK too but since I need to save more dollars to travel there, I decided to start the year 2017 by travelling to somewhere nearer to Singapore. =P

The last time we were at Carton King Creativity park, we have explored the mini zoo section since it is located on the way from the entrance of the park to the main attraction at the centre. We are now exploring the second level of the park by climbing up this flimsy-looking white structure. Thankfully the white structure pathway is not as flimsy and unstable as it looks, they turn out to be quite stable so you don't have to worry so much when you are climbing upstairs.

10D9N Taiwan Trip: Carton King Creativity Park, Taichung Part 2

From upstairs you can see many paper creation of something which looks like a fairytale kingdom. Paper queen, paper king and paper fairies complete with the paper white castle. They kinda look like Lego in a glance. 

Paper fairytale at Carton King Creativity Park, Taichung

There is one corner that you should not miss at all at level 2 of Carton King Creativity Park. It is the corner dedicated to Hayao Miyazaki's creation, My Neighbour Totoro. You can take picture with the papermade Totoro, blue Totoro and white Totoro complete with the paper black shoots. These Totoro(s) and black shoots are so cuteeeee. <3

Paper Totoro from Carton King Creativity Park at Taichung

You can also see a lot of paper structures which are inspired from the world's famous buildings such as Big Ben, Pisa Tower and the Colosseum. This park start to resemble Window of the World from Shenzhen in China. Quite clever way to decorate the park I feel. After all, tourists love to take picture with these iconic places and to make it special, these structures are all made from paper. Awesome feat. 

View from the top of Carton King at Taichung

If you are honey lover, you should visit the Cookies & Honey Ice Cream store which is also located at level 2 of Carton King Creativity Park. I was not in the mood for honey ice cream that day because I was keeping space in my tummy for Miyahara's ice cream, which is our next destination after Carton King Creativity Park. 

Cookies & Honey Ice Cream from Carton King at Taichung

Hmm that kinda looks like Danbo in a glance. Taiwanese Danbo and the bees. The bees look pretty realistic up to the point that I got a bit freaked out. 

Honey from Carton King Creativity Park at Taichung

There are so many type of honey products that you can find here at Carton King Creativity Park from honey cookies to honey drink. These products are packaged nicely so you can consider buying them for gift too. Although to be honest, I seldom receive honey as gift from whoever travelling to Taiwan. Hahaha. 

Bottles of honey from Carton King Creativity Park at Taichung

Carton King Creativity Park is located at: 

No.2, Aly, 2, Sec. 2, Dongshan Rd.
Beitun District
Taichung City 406

Opening hours: 

Daily 10AM - 9PM 

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