10D9N Taiwan Trip: Carton King Creativity Park, Taichung Part 5

"I thank God every day, I wake up feelin' this way."

Recently I have been unwillingly involved in so many unnecessary drama in life. I do not understand why people just want to poke me when I am just trying to live a peaceful life without offending anybody. But, I suppose maybe by being me, I offend someone somehow. One thing that I know for sure is I cannot stand faking. And I don't think I should change myself for anyone else ever. So yeah, if you don't like me, too bad. But if you keep poking me, I bet deep down you'd wanna be me too. Hahahaha.

Okay enough about this drama, let's continue our adventure in Carton King Creativity Park in Taichung. I'm surprised this location alone is taking 5 posts to tell story. We are now at the ending chapter of this saga and oh my gawd, the paper lamps sold at Taichung's main branch of Carton King really looks fantastic.

10D9N Taiwan Trip: Carton King Creativity Park, Taichung Part 5

These beautiful lamps can be found at the one dimmed room at the souvenir store in Carton King. They are not cheap though and quite troublesome to carry around in your luggage. But if you don't mind these nitty gritty, I think they are really a good buy and can make a good display in your cozy bedroom. Especially when you don't feel like sleeping yet at night and you just want to lie down and nightdream away. 

Nice souvenirs from Carton King Creativity Park in Taichung Taiwan

We got pretty tired after wandering around taking pictures and checking out stuff at the souvenir store, so it's time to find somewhere to sit and chill. We were considering between resting inside the restaurant or the cafe beside the souvenir store. But the cafe is not equipped with air-conditioner and the weather was kinda hot that day. So let's just rest at the restaurant. Hahaha. 

Food menu from Carton King Creativity Park Taichung

Thankfully there is no minimum order imposed at this restaurant. We only wanted to utilise the NTD 100 voucher for drinks because we are saving space in our tummy for the famous Miyahara's ice cream. Yup don't lose the admission ticket to Carton King Creativity Park because the NTD voucher is attached to the admission ticket. 

Food voucher at Carton King Creativity Park Taichung
I really love this concept of paying admission fee + food/beverage voucher or souvenir store voucher. It kinda helps to justify the admission ticket price when you make the ticket multi-function in a way although it may be just another marketing gimmick. Maybe all of this lies in the psychology of consumer-buying. Hahaha oh my gawd, what am I talking about? I suppose I really need a drink since I started to talk rubbish.

Restaurant at Carton King Creativity Park Taichung

All drinks in Carton King will come out...well, inside a carton box. There is a hole meant for the straw so you don't have to un-box your drink. But at the same time you cannot really see your drink and end up with a picture of a mystery box. I did not even remember what I ordered but I think it has something to do with Honey. Probably Honey Aloe then. All I could remember is that the drink feels so refreshing on a hot sunny day in Taichung. 

Drink from Carton King Creativity Park in Taichung

Carton King Creativity Park is located at: 

No.2, Aly, 2, Sec. 2, Dongshan Rd.
Beitun District
Taichung City 406

Opening hours: 

Daily 10AM - 9PM 

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