10D9N Taiwan Trip: Dream Mall, Kaohsiung

After spending few hours taking pictures and having fun at Pier-2 Art Center, it is time to seek shelter from the sun while thinking what to eat for lunch. Since we were thinking of chilling inside an air-conditioned building, we decided to visit the largest shopping complex in Taiwan, Dream Mall.

10D9N Taiwan Trip: Dream Mall, Kaohsiung

If you think you have seen Dream Mall before, you may have really seen it at some Taiwanese dramas. The one that I can recall clearly is Black and White where Mark Chao is busy chasing down some bad guys across the lobby of Dream Mall. He looks so cool doing that but on the other, I kinda like Zai Zai too. I was so torn between the two hot guys. Hahaha. 

Dream Mall is one heck of a very huge mall so you can really take your time to check out every levels here. If you want to have some food to eat, you can start from the basement level first where the eateries and restaurants are located. Despite the availability of many restaurants at Dream Mall, we were lured by this white cat holding waffle instead. 

Kuko Waffles Mascot in Dream Mall Kaohsiung

Kuko is a waffle stall and oh my gawd, I have never seen this many type of waffles in Singapore before. Kuko offers both savoury and sweet waffles. The selection for savoury waffles include cheese, chicken and ham, etc. 

Savory waffles from Kuko at Dream Mall in Kaohsiung

It also has the sweet options like matcha, chocolate glaze, strawberry, caramel, etc. I ended up trying the savoury flavour because not everyday you can eat chicken and ham waffle. It tastes so good. Yumz. I can eat this for breakfast everyday in Singapore if Kuko ever thinks of expanding internationally. Hahaha. 

Sweet waffles from Kuko at Dream Mall in Kaohsiung

The next stall that I saw got me pretty excited because it's Coco bubble tea. I have made a mental note to drink as many bubble teas as possible from three bubble tea brands in Taiwan, 50lan, Ten Ren and Coco. But this is the only chance I bumped into Coco so I should really not wasted this chance. Charge!

Coco bubble tea at Dream Mall in Kaohsiung

Coco gives you English translation of its menu so you don't have to scratch your eyes and brain to figure out which drink you would like to order if you don't understand Mandarin. 

Menu from Coco's Bubble Tea in Dream Mall at Kaohsiung

But I ended up ordering special flavour which is not part of Coco's fixed menu at the end. It's strawberry season because it's spring and Coco was selling Strawberry yoghurt milk with real pieces of strawberries given inside the drink. Oh my gawd, a 700cc cup full of sweet strawberry milk + jam + fruit pieces make the side of me who is strawberry lover went crazy to be honest with you. My travelling buddy chose for less funky option, Yakult Green Tea. Yeah I know she's such a bore but then again, Yakult Green Tea sold in Taiwan is really dope too. 

Bubble teas from Coco at Dream Mall in Kaohsiung

If you thought we have had enough sugar intake for the day, you may be in shock because the next food stall that we visited is Mister Donut, which I think sells the best donuts in Taiwan. Why is there no Mister Donut in Singapore???? Can someone bring this brand in please?

Mister Donut at Dream Mall in Kaohsiung

What I like the most about Mister Donut is their QQ mochi donuts. These donuts have mochi mixed in the dough and they give you QQ chewy feeling when you bite into them. To make these donuts even more sellable, Mister Donut often has tied-in promotion with cute characters from Sanrio or whatever other cute brand available in the world (okay, mostly Japan). Wait, I think Mister Donut originates from Japan after all. 

Cute donuts from Mister Donut at Dream Mall in Kaohsiung

Say Ni Hao to my cute pinky donut which has eyebrow, eyes, nose, mouth and blushed pink cheeks. Nomz!

Cute pink donut from Mister Donut in Dream Mall

 Dream Mall is located at:

No. 789, Zhonghua 5th Rd, Qianzhen District

Opening hours:

Monday to Thursday 11AM - 10PM
Friday and Holiday Eves 11AM - 10.30PM
Sunday and Public Holidays 10.30AM - 10.30PM

 How to go to Dream Mall:

(1) Take MRT to Kaisyuan Station
(2) You can walk for 15 minutes to Dream Mall or alternatively
(3) You can take shuttle bus right from the exit of Kaisyuan Station

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