10D9N Taiwan Trip: Fengjia Night Market, Taichung Part 2

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Blessed 1st of May everyone! I so love the month of May because April tend to be a very busy and stressful month due to tax filing that we need to complete by end of April. So I happily started the first of the month of May (which happens to fall on a Monday) by dating my beloved bed until it's time to come out of the house to buy lunch. Blissful~~~

However, I do occasionally roll out from the bed to the nearby desk where my Ipad is located to write some random stuff too. I realise that it seems that this year I have/ am going to visit those countries that I have visited before. Dunno why but I suppose every visit will bring different memories and I don't mind it at all as long as the trip gives me excuse to take a break from work. Even if you ask me to visit Fengjia Night Market again in Taichung, I would not mind it at all. LOL.

10D9N Taiwan Trip: Fengjia Night Market, Taichung Part 2

Continuing on our foodie adventure at Fengjia Night Market, this night market in Taichung is simply a food heaven. So many type of food is offered in the biggest night market in Taichung (or maybe Taiwan) from heavy dish (e.g. Noodles, rice, etc) to fried stuff to light bites. Since we already had the cheesy fried chicken and fried squid, we decided to go for something sweet (and yet, still fried), sweet potato balls. They are piping hot so better let them cool off for a while before consuming them. 

Sweet potato balls from Fengjia Night Market at Taichung

When we went deeper toward the side of Fengjia Night Market which is just one step away from Fengjia University's gate, we saw a snaking long queue for something which looks like Gua Bao (Meat-filled Chinese Buns). Since the queue is so damn long and the Taiwanese is known for their affinity to queue for something good, we decided to join the queue. Easily suggested by the peer pressure it seems, we are. We could only see what's on the menu when we are nearer to the gua bao stall named Bun Bun. Some of the name is not easily translated into English to be honest with you. For instance, what seems to be pork belly bao in the picture is called Five Flowers Meat Bao in Chinese when you directly translate the name into English. Hahaha. 

Gua Bao from Sun Bun at Fengjia Night Market in Taichung

I decided to go with Beef Filled Bao instead. You can add cheese or egg or more meat if you'd like to. I personally prefer the Gua Bao sold at Gongguan Night Market in Taipei though although this one ain't bad either. Make sure to eat them immediately or at least within few minutes of buying because they are not that nice when they become lukewarm or cold. 

Beef Gua Bao from Sun Bun at Fengjia Night Market in Taichung

Spotted new flavour of Lays which are not available in Singapore when randomly venturing into convenience store in Taichung. I'm such a weak person when facing against wonderful variety of chips. 

Deep ridged Lays from Taiwan

I can resist better against sweet stuff though like this strawberry frappucino which definitely is not coming out from Starbucks. 

Strawberry chocolate frappucino from Taiwanese Family Mart

Variety of Haagen-Dazs, omg there's a Winnie-the-Pooh one. I will surely buy it if not for the fact that the size of one tub will not be so merciful toward my existing belly. When will I be able to eat so much without gaining weight?

Haagen Dazs from Taiwanese Family Mart

At the end of the day, I ended up with three different kinds of potato chips while travelling buddy bought her Ovaltine cookie. It's blatantly obvious who is the chips-junkie here. Hahaha.

Snack loots from Taiwanese convenience stores

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