10D9N Taiwan Trip: Fengjia Night Market, Taichung Part 3

"I need a place that's hidden in the deep, 
where lonely angels sing you to your sleep."

Good evening people! Sunday is nearly over once again and I am already in my emo-mood. But there's something to look forward to this coming week and I seriously feel like an excited student waiting for a school holiday. Although sadly, my trip will only last during the weekend but it's good enough for someone who's stuck in corporate jungle on a daily basis. Hahaha. 

Sometimes I kinda wish there's night market in Singapore so that I can find food easily after working past 9PM. The office area is pretty much deserted after that particular timing. Geez. Needless to say, one of the highlight of my trip to Taiwan last spring is the visit to Fengjia Night Market, Taiwanese biggest night market in Taichung. 

10D9N Taiwan Trip: Fengjia Night Market, Taichung Part 3

This was actually my second night here since there is no other night market that I feel like visiting in Taichung. The previous night is barely enough for me to cover the whole night market to be honest with you. This time around, we started our journey from the non-food section of the night market because our tour guide/ driver dropped us right smack in the midst of the night market (which he claims unknown to many tourists). 

Night time food hunting at Fengjia Night Market in Taichung

I thought I would not succumb to non-food stuff at night market but apparently Fengjia Night Market has proven me wrong because within a good one hour or so, I ended up with so many shopping bags on both my left and right hands. Cheap t-shirts and socks are everywhere here I think I have met my yearly socks quota. Hahaha. 

Retail therapy at Fengjia Night Market in Taichung Taiwan

Right, it is the time now to fill in our tummy again. We had actually narrowed down our to-try-food to two stalls in Fengjia Night Market. One is Dody Duke cheese potato. 

Dody Duke at Fengjia Night Market Taichung

The cheese potato offered at Dody Duke is different from the cheese potato sold at Ximending. The cheese is not as many as the one given by the cheese potato stall at Ximending but I think the ingredient used by Dody Duke is more fanciful in a way. I mean what is Katsuobushi?

Menu from Dody Duke at Fengjia Night Market in Taichung

I decided to go for Spicy Chicken Corn Brocolli cheese potato. Taste not bad but I suppose it will taste better if consumed immediately upon buying. 

Spicy chicken corn broccoli cheese potato from Dody Duke

The second food stall that we have to try no matter what is the da-chang-bao-xiao-chang which is directly translated to big sausage wrapping small sausage. One of my close friends has been raving about this ultimate street food from Taiwan and she even claimed that she has been eating this for 3x while she was in Taichung. While it tastes yummy I don't think I want to eat this for 3x in a row. The rice used for this street food is the glutinous rice which is more fattening than normal rice. So if you are eating this a lot, you better walk a lot to burn the calorie. But then again, calories consumed during holiday do not count, right? 

Big sausage wrap small sausage from Fengjia Night Market

Fengjia Night Market is located at: 

Fengjia Road, Xitun District
Taichung City 407

Opening hours:

5PM to late (Daily)

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